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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day #389 - On Strike

Today my body went on strike and said, “I am not going to race”. I woke around 3:30 AM with an incredible headache. That is two this month! It would be rare to have two in a year, let alone in one month. This is not good. Didn’t know if it was from a kinked neck, food poisoning or mid-life hormones going berserk! I spent those early hours today in simultaneous purgings from both ends. Not fun. Finally after a few hours, I was able to go back to sleep.

Doc woke me when he got up and asked about work today. Sure, in just a moment …

It was 12:15 PM when he called me from work to see what I was doing? Sleeping deeply. Guess I missed my 9:30 and my Noon meetings. L

I did a few things around the house until Doc came home at 2:30. He had collected a penny at Starbucks. (Coin #1). I headed back to bed for a few hours. I eventually woke up to do a bit of class prep for tomorrow.

Finally at 7 PM I changed out of pajamas and took a 1-hour break from being sick. I’d had enough of that today!

We headed out for today’s Penny Finding. Our first stop was Sprouts groceries for some fruit. One dime when I entered the store. Another dime in a check-out aisle. (Coins #2&3). Katie was our cashier this evening and said, “I’m a student at CPP and recognize you from the Penny Finding article last week”. J Smile.

Yesterday I challenged each of you to do one little Act of Random Kindness. I had not managed to do that yet today, so we offered to let the customer behind us in the check out line move ahead of us. Not very creative, but I was not real energetic today.

At the next grocery store I did not see any coins in the check out lanes as we entered the store. Doc found a penny in the aisle as we were getting napkins. (Coin #4) Then I found a dime as we were checking out. (Coin #5)

I wanted to go home. Doc insisted upon stopping at 7-11. He said that way I could say hello to Tony the cashier if he were working. In reality, Doc wanted a coffee. I found a penny in the dirt of the planter outside. Then there was a penny on the floor mat as we walked in. There were two pennies under the counter. A penny behind Doc where he was getting his coffee. I told Doc there was a possible coin deeper under the check out counter and tilted up on one of the wires. He said the store was getting busier and not to worry about that coin. While Doc paid for his coffee, I couldn’t resist “bowing down to him” and reaching for that wayward dime under the counter! (Coins #6-11)

After that it was home to work on class prep for a few hours.

Plus, we have a meeting first thing tomorrow morning with the architect to review our house floorplan so I need to get prepared for that as well. Good night!

Today’s Total: 11 coins P (7), N (0), D (4), Q (0) = $0.47

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