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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day #387 - Always Learning

Today there were dozens of secondary goals but three Primary ones: a) to transport a bed from one brother to another b) PREPARE for my classes this week and c) prepare for our meeting with the architect. So far a is done, b is 75% done, and c is now off the list (once again).


This morning we packed up my brother’s bed and were headed toward the freeway. Doc spotted a Median Find and hopped out to collect two pennies. (Coins #1&2). The man is addicted! We drove the freeway stretch then Doc pulled into the first gas station. He needed to “check on the load in the truck”, yet he was looking for coins over at the air pumps and such! The man has Penny Fever!

If he was going to look for coins, then By Golly I was too! So I searched the gas pump area. The owner (Tony) noticed me and asked if he could be of assistance? I told him I was looking for today’s penny. He pointed to a bucket and said, “I just cleaned up and there are some coins in the bucket, take those!” I questioned him and then said thanks. (Coins #3-7).

We delivered the bed and headed to Pasadena.


Today I needed to grade lots of papers for my classes in order to return those tomorrow. I did not want to do that chore. So I tried to devise a “fun” way to do it. Since we needed to feed the Grandfish, I took my papers along and graded half of them while babysitting the fish and overlooking the Pasadena area. Doc suggested stopping at the Whole Foods store on the way in order to grab a few things for a ‘picnic’ lunch with the fish. We spent $43 on the lunch! (and a few other supplies). But we found 2 pennies at the registers and one by the candles. (Coins #8-10).

After the session of fish sitting, we were headed back home. Doc spotted 3 bright shiny pennies at the signal to get on the freeway. Too dangerous to retrieve them. (Coins #11-13 were Foregones).


We stopped at Trader Joe's for some groceries. Two pennies near a truck in the parking lot. (Coins #14&15). A penny under a lady’s cart when I walked in the store, so I gave her a Penny Card and retrieved the coin. (Coin #16). I bagged up our groceries and the cashier said, “Thanks for doing that. I really needed a boost today”. So I gave him a Penny Card and told him the story. He smiled. Shared joy. He said he knew just the perfect person to forward that Penny Card to. So I gave him two more cards. J

Penny Fever is infectious.

Today’s Total: 16 pennies (3 of them were Forgones)

Acts of Random Kindness - anyone can do them.

P.S. I should probably write as much good stuff about Doc as I do the yucky stuff. I am somewhat fearful that if I wrote all the good stuff it would seem too boastful. Like today - we were driving down the freeway each telling one another how wonderful it was to be married to your best friend, how lucky we each were, how much fun we were having just driving and chatting on topics from student performance to friends to engineering concepts. When we were dating and newly married, our favorite TV show was Hart to Hart and that’s the relationship / lifestyle we wanted. So far we have a dog, the red hair, and a happy marriage. Still working on the live-in chef/assistant, fancy house and first-class travel.

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