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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day #386 - Pennies a Plenty

Last weekend Doc and I agreed we could put off a few things until this weekend. Plus there were numerous action items which arose during this past week, so we had agreed to address a few of those from 11 - 5 today. I wanted to scramble and get a number of things accomplished this morning before that scheduled work time. Doc wanted to go for coffee and he insisted that I go with him. Grrrr… I did not want to go!


Doc offered to drop me off at the high school so that I could penny find while he went for his coffee. He drove into the lot and immediately spotted a penny. He drove over to it, then had me fetch it for him. He repeated that routine a few moments later with a quarter. Then within a few more seconds he spotted another penny. Three Sit and Finds (Butt finds) within 2-3 minutes. (Coins #1-3). And he was even too lazy to pick up his finds! (He says this is a team sport)!

I said we had found enough coins for today. Doc found them, I retrieved them, so that ought to be sufficient. He did not agree. He tossed me out of the van and said I could search until he came back. I found a penny before he had driven a few feet. (Coin #4) I quickly called him on the cell phone and asked to go home. I found a dime while calling him (Coin #5). He said to keep searching.

Doc departed for his coffee. I walked through the high school campus and found a dime at a lunch table. (Coin #6). I was saying, “Need a nickel, nickel, nickel...” Doc found 2 pennies and a dime while cruising across the parking lot upon his return to me. Three more Sit N Find coins. (Coins #7-9).

I insisted that it was time to leave! Doc was procrastinating because he did not want to go home and deal with the various tasks on the dining table.

Just as we were approaching the exit of the parking lot, I spotted a penny at the bike rack for the skateboard park area. I foolishly said, “Penny. Stop!” Then we both saw the second penny. Then I opened the van door and spotted another penny. I began picking them up and spotted a dime, then a penny. Doc got out of the van and collected a penny, and another, and another… It looked like we had cleaned the area of all loose change. Doc said, “You need 12 coins to make it a Coin Mine”. So I counted the coins in my hand. There were twelve! Doc said, “I want another one”. And suddenly there was one! Asphalt Coin. (Coins #10-22).

By now we were both hot with Penny Fever. A short walkway led into the skateboard park. I followed it. Penny at the top. I made a quick loop around the rim of the skateboarding bowl. There was a nickel in the dirt of the perimeter planters. Then a penny, and another penny. Ten coins up there in the planters and around the park! (Coins #23-32).

I returned to the van and found a penny next to an embedded washer. Doc had tried to pick up that washer just moments before and showed it to me. Now there was a penny next to it! Asphalt coin. (Coin #33).

I hopped into the van, Doc hopped out! I wanted to go home! Doc had noticed a dirt patch with an electric transformer box just by the entrance to the parking lot. He quickly searched the small patch of dirt and gleefully raised up two fingers, then three, then four. He returned to the van with 5 more pennies. (Coins #34-38) OK. It was now time to leave.


By then we had both worked up an appetite. Doc stopped at Carl’s Jr. Some youngsters were doing a fundraising car wash and using the hose from Carl’s Jr. Doc’s eyes traveled along the hose until they reached the hose bib where there was a penny waiting for him! So he got his burger and a penny. (Coin #39)

I was done coin finding for the day. I had hoped for a short story tonight.


For those of you who ARE married, you will understand this. For those of you who aren’t married, this will give you an argument for your case.

Doc and I made it home by 11:15 AM and I was more than ready to tackle some of our agreed upon action items. Doc made a fairly good effort at a few, then around 1 PM announced he was going down for a nap! WHAT? I asked if this was for 15 minutes? An hour? 3 hours? He went into his cave and left no answer. Grrrr….

I worked on various things and was getting ready to take the dogs for their rabies shots at 4 PM. Doc emerged at 3:45 and said, “Do this and this and this before you leave so that if/when I get up from my nap, I might get to them.” Then he went back in his cave. Can you read my thoughts at this point?


I took the dogs for their shots and returned around 5:40 PM. Doc was hungry so he went to the grocery store. He returned with his chicken. Plus he had found a penny …. A nickel …. A dime… (Coins #40-42). (More story to write).

Today’s Total: 42 coins P (34), N (2), D (5), Q (1) = $1.19

Hit for the Cycle

Thought: Be grateful for the spouse who is snoring in front of the TV - he is definitely not out dancing, drinking or with other women!

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