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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day #401 - Coffee

Today was a quiet day. We met son Brian and his fiancée for coffee. They wanted to show us their photos from their trip to South America. They also brought us each a gift for taking care of the Grandfish; Doc some herb tea with a mate (cup made from a gourd) and me a purse from Argentina.

Then we headed to school where I graded papers and met with a student. I intended to check the vending machine area for coins, but got so busy, I forgot. Doc, of course, went there to get a coffee. He found two pennies (which should have been mine); one beside a trash can and the other behind it. (Coins #1&2)

We left campus after 2 pm. I suggested we walk around the Park and Ride lot by the freeway. Doc wanted to get home and watch football. He quickly drove through a nearby business complex where I found one penny in a crosswalk. (Sit-N-Find). (Coin #3)

I complained that we had 50-60 tasks to accomplish this weekend. Doc was not allowed to play all yesterday, then drink coffee, play Sudoku and watch TV most of today! So he agreed to run errands with me for 45 minutes between football games. He found one penny in the checkout lane of the grocery store (and the free coffee). Then as we were driving home, he found two pennies in the street median while stopped at a red light. (Coins #4-6)

He returned home to watch football while I worked on our task list.

Today’s Total: 6 pennies

Thoughts: Same as yesterday - Balance is important! Excessive play (and coffee) is not good.

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