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Friday, January 15, 2010

Day #392 - Date Night

Furlough Day at work. Nice.

Had an 8:30 AM meeting with a guy to do some repair work on our backyard rock stream bed. It has been losing gallons and gallons of water each week. We are hoping a bit of TLC will help.

Doc and Sparky went out to get breakfast and did not find any coins. Then they returned to take morning naps. For lunch Doc went to Jack-in-the-Box where he found a nickel and a dime at the window. (Coins1&2). He ate his burger in the grocery store parking lot, then went inside to search for coins. He spotted a penny and quarter when walking in, but it was too awkward to move the boxboy and cashier out of the way. It looked like a little girl was headed for the coins, but Doc was bigger and faster. (Coins #3&4 and Hit for the Cycle)! Then he found a penny as he was checking out. (Coin #5).


I had been home all day working on various projects and Doc wanted more steps on his pedometer, so at 6 PM we headed out. Our first stop was Trader Joe’s. There was one penny outside under a trash can and then a second penny inside by the electric cart. I Shared the find with Jodi who is always smiling while working there. (Coins #6&7)

Our next stop was Stater Bros. Doc said there was a coin in check out Lane #1. I looked twice. “No, no penny there”. I looked a third time - there was a quarter!

Doc found a penny at the door as we were leaving. He wanted more steps so I told him to take a hike, I’d meet him at the car. He found a penny in the driveway of the shopping center. (Coins #8-10).


I wanted to stop at 7-11 to see if Tony was working. On Day #365 he pulled two $1 coins out of his pocket and gave them to me as a special remembrance of that milestone. I had one of them made into a pendant and wanted to share that with him.

Doc and I searched the parking area before we entered the 7-11. No coins found. Tony was not working tonight and I did not spot any coins. Doc thought he saw a coin under the counter and told me about it. Initially, I still did not see it. Finally, I found the penny. (Coin #11)

As we left the store, I looked to my right to see a penny. As I bent to pick it up and record that find on the voice recorder, I spotted another penny. Then Doc came over and picked up one and then another! Mushroom coins! (Coin #12-15). We were laughing.

How’s that for a Friday night date? Then it was home to grade papers and complete other chores.

Today’s Total: 15 coins P (11), N (1), D (1), Q (2) = $0.76

Thought: Forget Dancing with the Stars, we were Finding with the Angels!

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