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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day #407 - Separate Ways

Today Doc and I went our separate ways. (He is retired and I am still employed). I went to school for an event and he went Penny Hunting. There was an event on campus to attract top-achieving high school students to the Honors Program. Another 7 AM morning. Yuck. But the potential students were fun to interface with.

After things got underway with the mini-classes and activities today, I was wandering between buildings. I passed by the vending machines and thought, “Not likely to find coins on a Saturday. Pretty deserted. I passed one of my students who was on his way to breakfast. I said, “I still need to find today’s coin, so keep your eyes open for me.” I kept walking and was just enjoying the grassy meadow, the snow capped mountains, and the birds who were singing noisily. My mind was far away when all of a sudden there were three pennies in my path! (Coins #1-3).

I graded papers for a few hours, then decided that was enough school stuff today! So on the way home from work I stopped to make photo copies of the house blueprints. Found one penny when placing my order at the register. Found a second penny while I was sprawled with all the papers on the floor and making edits to the drawings. (Coins #4&5). Shared the joy with the store owner and other customers.


When I got home, Doc had gone to school. But there was a love note on the table! Not just a little sticky note, but an 8.5 x 11 full sheet with coins taped all over it! Then when he came through the door, he added more to it! That man can write his own Tales! I wanted an easy night!

Let’s see what he has to say…

l Went to Johnny’s for a breakfast burrito. Collected 1 penny in the driveway

l Sparky and I then headed for coffee. We stopped at the high school parking lot and we walked. Sparky led me to a dime by the skate park fence, then a penny inside the skate park.

l We then drove around in the parking lot and found 4 Sit-N-Find pennies

l After getting our coffee inside Starbucks, we found a penny in the threshold of the store next door.

l There was a Median Find penny at White Ave. and Arrow Hwy.

l On the way to campus I stopped at Starbucks by the freeway. There was one dime and a shiny penny at the drive thru. Turns out the penny had ink or dye on one side, so my pants pocket and fingers got stained.

l At the grocery store there was one penny as I entered the store.

Doc’s finds: 10 pennies, 2 dimes


It’s after midnight and I still need to go grade term papers. I sure don’t feel like reading those. Not exactly bedtime pleasure reading. J Maybe some ice cream will make the task sweeter …

Total: 17 Coins P (15), N (0), D (2), Q (0) = 35¢

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