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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day #393 - Hyperlinks

Arrived at school at 7:30 AM. Passed through the student study room on the way up to my office. I knew the room would be empty at that hour on a Saturday morning. No students, but 3 pennies in various places. Spent the rest of the morning at work, then the afternoon at home grading papers and working on various household tasks.

Doc found a Canadian dime in front of a grocery store when he went out walking. That was our mini-travel trip today. With that dime our thoughts were “hyperlinked” to friends in Canada. That was a good lesson.

Lesson: We can create associations throughout our day with all sorts of things. And those associations can trigger various emotions: joy, fear, worry, comfort. It’s our choice.

Today’s Total: 4 coins 3 pennies and a Canadian dime.


Tonight I am in the midst of grading papers and in “teaching mode”. So here is a homework assignment for you:

Tomorrow whenever you see a red traffic light, instead of being frustrated by the delay in your day, use those few seconds for a quick Hyperlink to a positive spot.


“Hello Spirit / God /Universe. I just wanted to say good morning to you.”

“Hi Penny Angels - wanna play today?”

“I’m so grateful for household chores because that means I have a wonderful home”

“Thank you for this vehicle which is helping me carry out my mission today”.

Red light = STOP! Pause for a moment and give thanks!

If you have kids or a spouse in the car with you, make it a game. Each person can tell of something for which to give Thanks before the light turns green. Kids will love it!


Note: All evening I had been procrastinating and putting off today’s Penny Tale. There seemed to be nothing to write about. Finally around 1 AM I wanted to go to bed, but realized I needed to do this first. Now I am having fun and laughing with you!

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