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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day #390 - JOY Charged

Today was a super-charged day. High intensity in a positive manner. I’m not sure I could handle every day being this “high”, but it is nice at the end of the day to stand back and look at the trail of events and the ‘afterglow’.


Doc and I met with the architect on the house plans first thing this morning. That went well. One tiny step forward on THAT project.

At school there were some phone calls and emails from a few students who got job offers! They were Sharing their JOY. This afternoon I taught the 4th sessions of my classes. On the first day of class I could not get the students to interact with one another, today I could not quiet them! I guess this is progress? I may have created some monsters! Wonder what they will be like by the end of the term? Doc is laughing. I used to be terrified to talk for 2-3 minutes in front of an audience. Tonight I wondered “how do I stop after only 30 minutes? There is so much to share with them!” Tonight’s topic was the design process and solar raycing. After all these years, I’m still passionate about the sport.


Penny Finding

After this morning’s meeting with the architect, I was in a hurry to be on time for my office hour. Doc detoured through Starbucks. Grrrrr…. Lucky for him I was able to collect two dimes, one nickel, and to share the story with the cashier. Penny Smile. (Coins #1-3)

Full day at work. Got home around 8 PM. There were two more checks from persons wanting to be Stakeholders in PennyFinders. That was nice. There was a package from Hui (one of my engineering graduates) who is a jewelry engineer. A lovely pair of copper chainmaille earrings. I did not even know what Chainmaille was until she taught me a little bit about it. Fascinating!

At 9 PM Doc did not have enough steps on his pedometer and we had no Pennies for the day, so he headed out. One penny at the Stater Bros coin counting machine. He was not satisfied, so he went to a second grocery store where he found one penny in a checkout aisle. There was a dime after he checked out. Then in the parking lot he found a token. He says that is probably worth 25¢ so that is almost a Hit for the Cycle. (Coins #4-6)

Today’s Total: 6 coins P (2), N (1), D (3), Q (0) = $0.37+ one token

Thought: Just as sunlight charges the solar race cars, JOY can charge the soul.

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