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Friday, January 8, 2010

Dy #385 - Special Projects

Today I needed to head straight to work and then spend the day with a team of students on a special project. There was no time to go Penny Hunting.

I have been really busy this week, so Doc graciously offered (which is the politically correct way to say that I was about to strangle the guy if he did not do it) to take my pickup in for an oil change. He was rewarded with a penny next to the pickup as he left the service station. (Coin #1)

Lesson: A spouse who OBEYS get rewarded.

Doc next went to the grocery store and found a penny as he walked in and then a dime next to his foot when checking out. (Coins #2&3)

Doc arrived on campus late afternoon and handed me a penny which he had just found while talking to a colleague at the vending machines. (Coin #4) Doc has become an expert at collecting, but he doesn’t do much sharing -- yet. J


I worked until 7:30 and then said “Enough!”. Doc and I went to dinner at the local Mexican cafĂ© on the way home. After placing my meal order, I went Penny Finding. I wanted to find today’s coin as well as avoid eating the rest of the chips and salsa on the table.

There was a gorgeous new Lincoln penny in the parking lot. Yippee! I went into the convenience store and there was a penny on the floor mat. I retrieved it and spent a few minutes chatting with the cashier and giving her a Penny Card. As in so many other instances, a penny appeared when I shared the story. As I turned to leave, there was a penny in my path. Penny Smile. Shared Joy.

Today’s Total: 7 coins P (6), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.16

After I get this Tale written, Doc and I are going to grab a beverage, light the fire, turn up the lights and spend a few intimate moments logging in all the 2010 Penny Finds.

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