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Friday, January 29, 2010

Day #406 - Mixed Fruit

Where do I begin with the various parts of the day? In summary, there was the Hi-Tech Career Fair on campus today. Hundreds of people: recruiters, current students, former students (alumni), campus personnel and more! High energy. The auditorium was so crowded there were “bouncers” at the door to regulate the flow of people entering the room.


This morning when I arrived at 7 AM there was a penny at the entrance to the building. Great! I didn’t have to think about Penny Finding the rest of today. I noticed that the student study room was dark, and I just couldn’t help myself. I flipped on the light and spotted a penny near the fridge. (Coins 1&2).

During the Career Fair I was helping at the Hospitality area, but did a quick run down to the main room. It was packed solid with bodies. I couldn’t even get in there! Walked back to my area via the pizza place. One penny at the cash register and two more near some diners. (Coins #3-5).


Doc arrived on campus around 5 PM (after a day of eating and napping). He had found 3 pennies in the upper parking lot on his way in. Sit-N-Finds. Those were dark pennies - colored by exposure to the elements. (Coins #6-8).


Doc wanted to go to Sizzler for dinner, so I agreed to join him after two sets of homework were graded. At Sizzler we were both looking for coins. Doc kept saying “dime, dime, dime”. He found a quarter on a seat near our table (Coin #9). As we were leaving I was walking maybe 10 ft. ahead of Doc. He called, “Dime!” I had just walked over it. (Coin #10).

We had both eaten way too much, plus we noticed an opening in the traffic of the nearby fast food diner. So we held hands and walked over. Doc approached the pay phone, checked the coin return and said, “No coins in there.” I replied, “No, but you are currently standing on a shiny penny!” Good for a laugh. Then I found a gorgeous shiny new penny at the Taco Bell. (Coins #11&12)


When we got home, there was a Love Note for me on the Dining Table:

l 1¢ at the grocery store check out area (end of cabinet)

l 5¢ (nickel) in grocery store parking lot while walking to get more steps

l 25¢ (quarter) when visiting the P.O. Box. Had to move a display rack to collect it

l 1¢ at the Rite Aid pharmacy area

l 1¢ in the Rite Aid parking lot

l 1¢ at the 99¢ Only Store

(Coins #13-18)

Doc has a severe case of Penny Fever. And although he has become quite the expert Penny Finder, I don’t think he can consider it a significant part of his retirement income. He spends way more than that on his daily Starbuck visits. He did exceed 12,000 steps for the day and Hit for the Cycle!


Total: 18 Coins P (14), N (1), D (1), Q (2) = 79¢

Lesson: I could not think of any. Today’s coins did not come with automatic attachments or easy downloads.

So I closed my eyes and asked for guidance on this.

I saw a picture of the mixed fruit tray on the table today; oranges, pineapple, strawberries, melon, grapes. Like the people around us every day. An assortment of interesting shapes, colors, flavors, textures. When assembled and pleasantly arranged, they compliment one another and make for an appealing presentation.

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