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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day #400 - Balance

Since today was a “Milestone Day” I asked Mandy if she would go for a walk with me and do some Penny Hunting. After all -- she is the one who made me start writing these Penny Tales over a year ago!

Mandy and I agreed to meet at Reboks Smoothies at 8:30 AM. It was such a gorgeous day.

Mandy is crazy. The temperatures are near freezing outside and she wants ice-cold Smoothies for breakfast! I arrived to find the café did not open until 9:00 AM.

Found a penny while waiting for Mandy. When she arrived she found penny #2 at one of the outdoor tables. She has long arms and long legs which are assets for long reaches. Such balance.

We set out for a walk and talk. Headed to the local high school. Mandy was quite the expert at finding coins. She was talking about balancing things in life. She immediately found a penny. She said she “felt” the penny from about 20 steps out.

She is young and agile and performed a well-balanced retrieval. I managed to find a penny as well, but used a much more conservative pick up maneuver. (Coins #3-5).We walked cross some lawns, tennis courts, and a basketball court to search the parking lot of the nearby senior center. We found two dimes and two pennies there. (Coins #6-9)


After the walk, I did go into Trader Joes’s groceries (where we had parked our cars) and shared the Day #400 celebration with cashiers Jodi and Kristen. I needed to share a bit of Joy and collect some Penny Smiles.

This afternoon I was “balancing” paper grading, financial statements, emails, a meditation CD, laundry, etc. Nice that no particularly urgent project was demanding excessive energy today.

Note: I just clicked on the PennyFinders website and was Smile number 2,100 on the Penny Counter! Lucky #21.


Doc spent the day with son Stephen and grandson Ethan. They drank coffee, played football, and relaxed. At Starbucks Doc was seated inside, but had a view of the drive up window. Spotted shiny things between vehicles. When the coast was clear he made two independent retrievals. The first was fort two dimes. A car arrived before he could capture the other coins. On the second trip out there he collected a dime and a nickel. Penny Fever. The man goes for the Silver! Forget the small stuff. (Coins #10-13).

Today’s Total: 13 coins P (7), N (1), D (5), Q (0) = $0.62

Thoughts: Balance is important to keep us from falling flat on our ^^^^.

(Especially important in icy or other treacherous conditions). What do you use for balance?

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