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Friday, January 22, 2010

Day #399 - Phone Services

Today was a furlough day at work. Yipee! An opportunity to grade lots of papers and get caught up on some household (procrastinated) chores. I wanted to wake up and get started immediately with my “To Do” list. Doc prefers a lengthy wake up process followed by an immediate run for coffee. We compromised. I spent an hour doing some chores, then kept him company on his coffee and grocery store run.

After getting his caffeine fix, Doc was agreeable to stop at Circle K where I could say hello to Margita, the cashier. She celebrated Penny Finding Days #200 and #365 with us. I told her I was looking for today’s coin. She replied, “If anybody will find it, you will!” I then found a dime under the magazine rack. Margita smiled. (Coin #1).

We drove to the next shopping center so Doc could walk through some stores and get steps on his pedometer. There was a pay phone in front of the Dollar Store, so Doc checked the coin return door on it. (I don’t like to look in those). He collected a dime, 3 nickels and a quarter! (Coins #2-6). That was Unexpected Phone Service. Doc now just needed a penny to get a “Hit for the Cycle”.

We found no coins at the Dollar Store, so Doc walked next door to the CVS. He found a penny when entering. Next was a penny when walking back to the van, (Coins #7&8)

We stopped briefly at the grocery store and collected a penny when entering the store. (Coin #9).

Spent the rest of the day and evening doing chores, grading papers, dealing with family issues and wrestling with Verizon’s Cell Phone customer service.

Today’s Total: 9 coins P (3), N (3), D (2), Q (1) = $0.63

Thoughts: Thankfully we have a direct line to our Higher Source. Unlimited access with connections anywhere in the world at any time - no need to wait for weekend minutes.

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