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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day #495 - 19th Hole

This morning Doc chose the LaVerne Starbucks for his coffee. He approached from a different direction which led us to drive through much of a parking lot. He was driving quickly so I said, “Doc, how the heck will I find today’s coin at this speed? It’s bad enough you are expecting me to obtain a Sit-N-Find, but there is NO WAY I can see anything at this speed. Slow Down!” “On second thought, STOP! I see two!” There were two pennies in between two parked cars! (Coins #1&2) Then a dime at the Starbucks window. (Coin #3). OK. Time now to go to school …

This afternoon was our bi-weekly Play Time with the Kids. We so look forward to those moments of escape. We all went miniature golfing. That was a neat experience. Ashley (5 yrs old) hit a score of 6 (the worst) on almost every hole. She was happy and proud of that! On the 19th and last hole you win a free game if you hit your ball straight into a little pipe. Ashley did! She scored when it counted!

We went to IHOP for dinner. Each kid ordered a meal and munched on a little of Doc’s and my meals as well. And they were still hungry! So we ordered a second round of meals - this time it was pancakes and eggs and fruit and bacon. Guess they won’t need breakfast tomorrow?

Around 8:45 on our way home, Doc and I stopped at Trader Joe’s for some salads. Found a penny as I walked in. Then at check out there was a penny, dime, and quarter at the end of the lane! Nice find. (Coins #4-7).

Total: 7 Coins P (4), N (0), D (2), Q (1) = $0.49

Lesson: Score where it counts.

Do we spend our time and energy where it will count most?

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