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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day #485 - Delays Happen

Today was dedicated to meeting a Challenge with my students. By 3 PM I was supposed to complete the wiring diagram for the new house, they needed to complete their essays.

This morning Doc insisted I go along with him when he went for coffee. I did not want to go because I needed to get my homework done. Grrr…Plans Delayed.

We grabbed Sparky and headed out. Doc deposited Sparky and I at the high school parking lot and instructed us to find coins before he returned. Sparky complied and found a dime. (Coin #1). I was being ornery and told Doc what he could do with his coffee.


We went home and I was frantically working to finish my homework by the deadline. Our son Stephen called and said that he, his wife, and two-year-old son would be at our house in 10 minutes because, “Ethan wants to play with Grandpa”! Yikes! We urgently tried to kid proof the house and get the dogs out. Original Plans Delayed.

The next hour was spent with the little guy in the house. One time I caught him throwing my homework in the trash can! So much for progress.


After they left, we had to work at double speed. Just barely made the deadline. Whew! That was at least a working draft. I then continued to spend the next 3 hours preparing the actual plan to submit.


Then it was time for the weekly grocery shopping. En route to the grocery store, we noticed no cars at the Carl’s Jr. window. No coins in the lane, but a penny in the planter (Coin #2).

Just for fun we stopped at the 7-11. Tony was behind the register and I smiled at him. I looked for coins. None were found. When I turned back to look at the counter, Tony was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly he popped up like a ground squirrel out of a burrow with a BIG smile and three found pennies from his side of the counter! We all just laughed. Some of the customers wondered. Who cares? We were having fun. (Indirect 3 pennies).

At Traders Joe’s Doc found two pennies while I was paying for our groceries. (Coins #3&4) There were 2 pennies as we walked into the grocery store. (Coins #5&6) For dinner we drove through Johnny’s Burgers and collected Coin #7, a penny.

This evening I planned to prepare for classes and write Penny Tales from 8 PM - 1 PM. A call at 8:30 meant again Plans Delayed.


Lessons: Expect Delays - they are part of life

Delays are not necessarily a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ thing, they just ARE.

Stay cool, chart a new plan of action.

Don’t procrastinate!

Total: 7 Coins P (6), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.16 + $.03 indirect

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