In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day #492 - Angel Music

Today was nice. We spent time this morning with our son and his family.

This afternoon we met with the Landscape Architect, Rod. Last Monday we had that “Heavenly Arranged” meeting where Rod gave us his initial design concepts. We reviewed those plans and today met to take the project to the next level. I am so excited about the plans for the new yards….

Since Rod had a booth at the Ontario Home Show we met him there. There was beautiful piano music playing at the entryway. What a lovely beginning to our meeting. I was thanking the Penny Angels for such a nice welcome. I stopped to speak with the musician, Steve Hall. He had at least 12-15 albums and I was debating whether or not to splurge and buy one (or two). As I stood there trying to decide, a penny appeared before me. (Coin #1) I guess that was a “Yes”? Besides, with CD Titles such as: “An Angel’s Touch”, “Angels Among Us” and “Divine Light”, I guess the Penny Angels were in good company.

I am now previewing some of his music on the website:

WOW! That fills my soul!

Doc and I had all the usual Sunday night stops at the grocery stores. Very barren with only one dime to be found in the parking lot of the first store. (Coin #2)

Total: 2 Coins P (1), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.11

Thoughts: One form of JOY is beautiful music.

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