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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day #494 - New Phase

Running on fumes tonight, so let’s make this a short Tale ….

This morning was our weekly meeting with the architect. Doc suggested stopping at Circle K on the way. I looked inside the store, he walked the parking lot. Nothing. So we returned to the van. I spotted a very shiny beautiful penny a few feet from the car! Doc couldn’t believe it because he had just searched there! (Coin #1)

Next Doc quickly drove through the parking lot of a grocery store. I said, “Oh sure Doc. Do you really expect to find coins like this? Cruising and sitting on butts? STOP! I think I see something!” He was laughing and asking if I was serious or not? Yes! “There is a For Sure penny and Possible dime!” I hopped out and retrieved the penny, but could not see the other coin when standing so close to it. I had to stand back a little in order to see it again. (Coins 2&3. Sit-N-Find).

Doc wanted to find coins too. (The score was Tina 3: Doc 0) He pulled up to the CVS Pharmacy. There were two pennies under tables outside the store. Then he found a nickel on the white aisleway inside the store. (Coins #4-6). The score was now tied 3:3

We met with the architect. Progress! She had the color board finished. The next step is to take the board, along with 3 sets of the house plans to the Homeowner’s Association Architectural Committee for their review and approval. Needless to say, I was calling the Pres. of the committee before we left that parking lot! He said I could bring the plans to his office this afternoon. Not good. Work until 7 pm. So we went to his house and dropped off the plans after work. His house is about 20 houses down the street from our house-to-be. (Almost neighbors).

We have moved from Design Phase to Approval Phase!

Oops. I get excited about the house and forget about the pennies. I just remembered the two pennies in my left shoe (from when I ran through the Student Center after a meeting this afternoon). Plus a penny in my right shoe. That one was standing upright (at attention?) along the beverage fridge at the gas station. (Coins #7-9)

Total: 9 Coins P (7), N (1), D (1), Q (0) = $0.22

Are the Angels asking for our Attention?

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