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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day #496 - 4x4x4x4 Got It!

What an amazing day implementing the Laws of Manifesting.

This morning Doc stopped at the Starbucks drive through by school. There was a car ahead of us at the window, but Doc and I could see TWO silver coins. Anticipation! This was a good start to the day. The car drove away exposing two dimes, a quarter and a nickel! WOW!! Almost a “Hit for the Cycle” (Coins #1-4)

I arrived at work and showed my co-worker JR. He is a bit competitive. He has been close (but unsuccessful) with a Hit for the Cycle a few times recently. He said, “You won’t find your penny today. Nope, I won’t let you do that!” I told him I would have my penny very shortly.


After my 9:30 AM meeting I was returning to my office and stopped in one of the study rooms (to get that penny to show JR). I searched diligently. Nothing. But then in between some boxes and gear I found the penny! Yippee! I turned to leave and was ‘nudged” to check under the sofa cushion. There were two more pennies plus a quarter! (Coins #5-8). This was fun.

I showed the coins to my co-worker and claimed my Hit for the Cycle. He almost had one today but needed the nickel. (The rarest of the four coins to find). I stood near him and said, “Penny Angels, please bring JR a nickel”. A few hours later when I returned to my office, there was a sticky note on my door saying, “GOT IT!” JR got his nickel!


Mid afternoon I needed to pick up some platters of sandwiches and cookies for my class. (This is the mid-point of the term, so we had a little celebration for that). Although those items were from Subway, I felt nudged to quickly walk through the Marketplace building. While walking there I said, “Penny Angels, I’d like 4 coins before I leave that building!” Usually I find coins at the cash register areas of the various food stations. Not today. Zero! I walked through the various dining table areas. One penny under a pleasant female student. I asked permission to get the penny and gave her a Penny Card. The next penny was under three students who were studying. Exchanged three Penny Cards and smiles for that coin. One more under a table. I needed to get going and said as I was leaving, “Thanks Penny Angels, it wasn’t the FOUR I requested, but three is nice”. And the 4th penny appeared! (Coins #9-12).

Why am I still amazed at this manifesting stuff? We have proven it soooooo many times!

The next stop was the food court of the Student Center to get those platters. As I walked into the building, I said,

“Hi Penny Angels. So far today’s story is 4 x 4 x 4. That’s kind of cute.

Would it be considered Bold? Brash? Rude? Demanding? Greedy? to say ‘How about four coins from this building as well?’ I realize that is pushing it a bit, so I can understand if you don’t manifest it. Although it would make for one heck of a story if you did!”

I looked for coins by each of the cash registers in the food court. No coins. I was passing by some dining tables and noticed one which was particularly piled high with trash. I was thinking how absolutely disgusting. How rude that diners do not clean up after themselves. I did not even want to look at that table because it was so unappealing. I couldn’t resist looking … could those people have left any coins there as well? I wish I had my camera. There were FOUR pennies in a perfect little row on the table amid the trash! Is that manifesting or what? I stood there absolutely stunned! (Coins #13-16).

It was sure fun to SHARE Penny stories with many people today.

Total: 16 Coins P (11), N (1), D (2), Q (2) = $0.86

Thought: My Engineering Mind is still saying, “Does not Compute!”

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