In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day #481 - Kids' Call

This morning Doc and I had errands to run before work. Doc and Sparky found a penny under the ice machine at the grocery store and I found one when we searched the Carl’s Jr. drive through (Coins #1&2).

At Starbucks there was a penny on a concrete pad out by the electrical box, a penny on the curb by the ordering speaker, and then I collected 2 dimes under the pick up window. I wondered why Doc hopped out of the van - he had spotted a nickel which I never even saw! (Coins #3-7)


Today was our bi-weekly Play Date with my niece and nephews. They wanted to do various things. We headed for the Arboretum, but it was closing at the time. The kids suggested Jump ‘n Jammin instead. They proposed to first spend time in the bookstore, then search the mall for pennies. I told them if we found a quarter today we would “Hit for the Cycle”. So they made up Singsongs to Call the Angels.

Ashley (5 yrs old) - Penny Angels, Penny Angels, let’s find a penny Let’s find a penny and have some fun!

Nicholas (8 yrs) - Penny Angels, Penny Angels, let’s have some fun, now you can show me how it is done!

Brandon (8yrs) - Penny Angels, Penny Angels, what do you say? Let’s find a quarter, a Quarter today!

I was very strongly asking the Angels to fulfill those prayers and validate the Laws of Manifesting. (I was also thinking it would be a better story for Penny Tales tonight if that quarter was found).


While the kids were happily playing on the climbing walls and equipment, I, too was ‘climbing the walls. I was grumbling to the Angels, “this place is horribly noisy, there are kids everywhere, constant commotion, I want out!” Then I spotted a penny at the feet of a nearby woman. I asked her for the penny and exchanged it for a Penny Card and traded smiles. (Coin #8). Thanks for being here Penny Angels.

Doc and Nicholas found a penny as they cruised the food court area. (Coin #9). We went upstairs to the parking lot area and were just ‘exploring’. Doc said, “Let’s put some steps on the pedometer and find some coins”. Within 60 seconds we found a penny (Coin #10). Then Ashley found a penny near one of the little sales carts inside the mall. (Coin #11).

We had dinner at California Pizza kitchen. Another place which had loud music and constant commotion.


The kids begged to go to Chuck E. Cheese. I shuddered. Ugg. We went. While they played on the numerous games, I walked and walked. Looking for coins and trying to shut out the bombardment of noise and sensory overload. I was talking to the Penny Angels again, “Please, be with me here. Help me to focus on something nice. What I see and hear is so annoying to me”. At which point I spotted a Canadian penny! Were the penny Angels taking me on a mini trip? Thank You! I then spotted another penny - it was on the floor in front of the cash register. There were several families in line so I had to wait patiently for that ‘window of opportunity’. That ‘killed’ some time. Then I spotted a very shiny penny behind one of the ticket redemption machines. A little girl was busy there, so again I had to wait patiently and that killed a few more minutes. I was laughing at the Penny Angels and how they were helping me to focus on them, instead of the annoying things. (Coins #12 -14).

I told the kids it was time to leave and I headed to the exit. There was a penny in the middle of the aisle! Mushroom coin. (Coin #15). Doc also had collected a penny. (Coin #16). The boys were finishing up their last games so I headed over to watch them. There was a Quarter shining like a beacon on one of the bench seats! It was almost radiating! OKAY Angels! We got it! Celebration! (Coin #17).

Total: 16 US Coins P (12), N (1), D (2), Q (1) = $0.62 US + one Canadian penny

Hit for the Cycle

Lesson: Ask, Verbalize, Believe, Manifest

Lesson: Focus on Penny Angels (or higher source) so that the commotion of the world fades away and is less irritating.

Lesson: The Penny Angels are interesting Travel Guides. You never know where / how they will lead you. Always a new adventure.

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