In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Day #469 - Honored

Today was one of those really fun days.

I was a little concerned with the start of the day, but it definitely got better. I was sleeping very soundly when Doc walked in the bedroom and said, “Crap. Get up!” That was his condensed way of saying, “Good morning Sweetheart. The gardener will be here very shortly and you need to tidy the back yard where your precious little creatures have left gifts!” LOL


I cleaned up the yard while Doc went to Johnny’s Burgers to fetch breakfast and one dime (Coin #1).

At 9 AM we met with a contractor for an hour. Motivating!!! He reviewed our plans and gave us some suggestions and ideas. He will work up a cost estimate and get back with us next week. We were very excited and drove to the architect’s office to debrief her. That was another fun meeting. As we were leaving Doc opened his van door and nearly stepped on a penny. I ran back inside to share the find with Debbie (the architect). (Coin #2).


For lunch Doc drove through Carl’s Jr. I collected a nickel and a penny. (Coins #3&4).

On the way to school I spotted a nickel and a penny embedded in asphalt on the street. (Embeds).

As we were approaching the freeway, Doc was again fretting about the cost of the new house. He said “Angels we need more than pennies!” One minute later we stopped at a signal for the freeway offramp. Doc said, “There is what I asked for.” And hopped out of the van to collect a dime. (Coin #5) Median find.

Both of us then were saying “Quarter, quarter, quarter…” as we were driving down the freeway.


When we arrived at work, Doc was summoned to the Dean’s office. We were wondering what he had done? He was asked to carry the mace at Commencement ceremonies this year! What an honor!


7 p.m. We left work stopping briefly at the pet store for dinner -- kibble for the dogs and El Pollo chicken next door for us. While Doc placed the food order from the driver’s side of the van I fetched a penny from a nearby parking spot. (Coin #6).

As we approached the food pickup window, Doc drove slowly and ‘covered’ for me so I could search. There was the requested quarter! Plus a dime and a nickel!!! (Coins #7-9). The cashier handed me our bag of food. He looked down and exclaimed, “You took my coins!” I gave him a Penny Card and stammered, “Yes, I did. I write daily Penny Tales. Today we were asking the Penny Angels for a quarter, so I figured this coin was our answer!” He smiled and said to enjoy it. A Hit for the Cycle all at one place! Plus Doc this morning said he wanted more than pennies. He got more!

Total: 9 Coins P (3), N (2), D (3), Q (1) = $0.68 Hit for the Cycle

FYI: In March we collected 312 coins of which 225 were pennies. Total value was $17.95

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