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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day #477 - Stung

Today had a better start than yesterday.

Yesterday the first chore was to clean up the doggie “gifts” in the back yard. I keep my garden shoes inside the garage, but yet when I went to slip them on, I had the thought, “Shake out the shoes before stepping into them”. I shook them out. Nothing. I thought, “That was a very unusual ‘nudging’”. I grabbed the shoes, went to the yard, slipped them on and felt a stinging sensation! Pulled off the shoe to find a very unhappy bee. He was not the only unhappy being.


Doc and I did some chores around the house then headed to Lowe’s for some new sprinkler heads. As we were driving Doc pulled into the Circle K lot and told me to go inside and find a coin. So I did. (Coin #1).

At Lowe’s we didn’t find all the things we needed and were disappointed. As we were getting into the van, I noticed there were no cars in the Taco Bell drive through. Quick run over there to claim a penny (Coin #2). Next, Doc went to KFC to get his lunch -- he got fried chicken while I got a penny. (Coin #3)


This evening we just graded papers and did household chores, so no chance for more coins.

As I was grading, I looked out my window to see all the birds at the bird feeder. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to see a hummingbird today?” Within 1-2 minutes a hummingbird flew right up to the window to say hello. Nice.

Total: 3 Pennies

Thought: Listen to the nudgings and tread cautiously.

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