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Monday, April 19, 2010

Day #486 - Meeting Arranged

This morning I was thinking about the week ahead and the various projects to be juggled. I was expecting that we would need to meet with the Landscape architect when he called and I was wondering how that would squeeze in between all the other appointments. The Penny Angels made it happen sooner than expected.


As we were driving to school and approaching the freeway, I looked out of my car window to see a penny! I was surprised. Hopped out while the signal was red. (Coin #1)

We stopped at the printing shop to get copies made of our electrical blueprints. While those were being run, Doc HAD to go for coffee. That Starbucks did not have a drive through, so I walked the outdoor tables. There was a huge water fountain with lots of pennies in it - plus one nearby penny which must have escaped the drowning. (Coin #2)


We returned to the printing center. There was a colorful landscape plan on the counter. I was admiring it and wishing our Landscape Architect would call. It has been 3+ weeks since our first meeting with him and I am anxious to see his concepts. I heard a familiar voice nearby. It was our Landscape Designer! He was on his phone and had not noticed me, so I snuck up and hugged him. (Imagine a Santa Claus looking guy and personality). It was fun. Turns out the landscape plan I was admiring was MY plan! He was calling us to find out when we could meet with him! Is NOW soon enough? We went outside and had a tailgate meeting. J


Two pennies in the drive through lane of Bravo Burger on the way home. (Coins #3&4)

Thought: It’s great to have angels arranging your meetings.

Total: 4 Pennies

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