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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day #482 - Tax Day

This morning Doc made the Starbucks run. He got coffee, I retrieved a quarter (Coin #1). As we headed onto the freeway, there was an accident on the onramp. We had a choice of sitting there and waiting for emergency vehicles and the path to be cleared, or turning about and going the wrong way on an onramp.

Lesson: Sometimes it becomes necessary to make a U-Turn and retreat in order to make forward progress.


At school Doc found a penny in the hallway of his building (Coin #2).

There was a Career Fair on campus today, so I spent a few minutes there. Could not resist a quick detour through the Campus Marketplace to look for coins. Found three pennies at various cash register areas. (Coins #3-5).

I spotted 3 pennies under and near one young lady.

I said, “Excuse me, I’d like to reach over and retrieve those pennies, if that is OK.”

She replied, “OK, I just dropped those.”

As I was picking up two of the loose coins, I said, “Oh, then I guess there are yours.” She replied, “Go ahead. I am not a Penny Person”. Hmmm… maybe we can CHANGE that!

So I retrieve the three pennies and two additional ones. (Coins #6-10) Gave her a Penny Card and we exchanged smiles.

A few tables further along there were two pennies stacked upon one another. God’s 2¢ Worth there. (Coins #11-12). Then there was a penny under a lady sitting at one of those high tables and chairs. I asked to retrieve the coin and gave her a Penny Card. (Coin #13). Shared smiles.


On the way home there was a little daylight left. I thought we were headed straight home, but Doc detoured through the Park and Ride lot by the freeway. He had Penny Fever and wanted ‘a fix’. After 15 minutes of cruising the lot, I was getting impatient with him. I figured I could either nag him, or enlist the Penny Angels. Thus, “Penny Angels, Penny Angels, hear my plea. Get his penny so I can go home and pee!” Doc replied, “Make it a dime!” A few minutes later we found his dime! (Coin #14).


We stopped to fuel the van and found a penny at the gas station. (Coin #15) It felt slightly lighter in weight that the other pennies. Maybe because it had been run over so many times it had lost some of its volume - but not its worth.

Incoming pennies from the Angels, but outgoing dollars to the IRS. Don’t think we can break even financially on that equation. But Penny Smiles are worth a fortune.

Total: 15 Coins P (13), N (0), D (1), Q (1) = $0.48

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