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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day #499 - Worthless?

This morning Doc went out to breakfast, did some search driving at the high school and then some putzing around the house. He did not find any coins. I did some chores around the house.

We headed to school. Stopped a few places on the way. The Penny Angels must have been sleeping in today. No coins.


We spent the afternoon working at school. When we returned to our car, there was a dime on Doc’s side of the van! (Coin #1) But we had looked there when we first arrived. There were some students working, so Doc went over to talk to them. He found a penny while talking to them. (Coin #2). I couldn’t resist. I had to look in the lab for more coins. I found MY penny (Coin #3).

There were some students working in a second lab, so we went in to encourage them on their project. I saw a penny. I was doing a little dance and they wondered why. So, of course I told them about PennyFinders. And we spotted another penny. Then there were a few pennies in the work area. Then there were THREE of the new Lincoln Presidency Years Pennies.

One of the students said, “I don’t know why they keep making pennies. They are worthless. No one bothers with them.” As if to confirm his statement, I found two pennies near a broom and dust pan in the corner where trash and dirt had been swept aside. I rescued the doomed coins. One or two coins appeared as mushroom coins. For the upteenth time I did another lap around the vehicle we had been discussing. There was a penny where we had all been standing! There were eleven pennies scattered throughout that lab. (Coins #4-14).

As we were leaving campus and driving through a parking lot, Doc said, “Too bad you only got 11 pennies, because it takes 12 pennies to make a Coin Mine”. To which I replied, “Stop! We are driving past one right now!” I hopped out of the van to retrieve it. Then spotted two more pennies nearby (Coins #15-17).


Doc has Penny Fever. He insisted upon stopping at the Chevron station to look for coins and peanuts. He managed a solitary dime there. (Coin #18)

Found nothing during my initial search at Trader Joe’s. While I was getting lettuce a little boy let out a bit of a cheer and showed his mom something. I asked if he had just found a penny? He had. So I gave his mom a Penny Card and invited them to visit the website for Day #500. Another lady nearby heard the story and said that she and her husband find dimes. So I gave her a card. Joy shared.

While Doc paid for our groceries, I collected a penny. (Coin #19) In the parking lot while I was pushing the cart in the main drive aisle, Doc was searching between the parked cars. He emerged with a nickel! (Coin #20).


We stopped at 7-11 for Doc’s coffee. He literally stepped on two pennies when he hopped out of the van. I then spotted two more pennies and then another. (Coins #21-25). Inside the store there were two pennies under the counter. (Coins #26&27).

Now I also had Penny Fever, so I walked over to the self-serve car wash. There was a penny on the sink. (Coin #28). When Doc arrived I got into the van to leave. He said, “What is that white spot?” I replied, “Bird Turd”. But then nearby was a penny (which Doc could not see from his position in the van). (Coin #29).

I wanted to go home, but Doc insisted upon one final detour - through the high school parking lot he had visited this morning. It was barren, except for one penny. (Coin #30).

Are pennies worthless? That’s what some people think.

Total: 30 Coins P (27), N (1), D (2), Q (0) = $0.52

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