In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day #513 - Pesky Angels

This morning the phone rang at 7 AM! WHO would dare call me that early on a Sunday? It was Doc calling to see if I was OK. Evidently he called last night and I did not answer. I came home from the conference around 8 p.m., fed the dogs and collapsed.

Now that Doc had me up and going it was time to do some household chores (laundry, mail, etc.) then class prep. I put away class stuff from this past week and tried to do some grading. Not in the mood for more School Stuff this morning! Enough already! So I took a break.


Around 11 a.m. I headed out. Just for a few minutes of “get away” time. I headed for a car wash. My truck was so dirty I could barely see through the windshield and the visibility was actually getting to be dangerous. After paying at the cash register, I headed for the waiting area saying, “Good Morning Penny Angels! How about a coin here this morning so I can get back home and get to work again?” I looked around all the benches and did not see anything. But I could FEEL that there should be a penny there. Continued discussion, “Look Angels, I can FEEL a coin. Please open my eyes to see it”. And immediately there was a penny under one of the benches.” (Coin #1)

At that point the workers had not even begun the vacuuming of my truck so I had plenty of time to go next door to the 99¢ store. I went in for ONE item. I looked for coins all around the register area as I entered the store. None found. After a few minutes my arms were full of items. One lady passed me saying, “You really do need to get a cart”. At that point I figured it was time to pay and leave. I also made the mistake of saying, “Penny Angels it would be just like you to put a penny in my path right now. With my arms full I’m not sure I would stop and bend over because all these items would avalanche!” You guessed it -- penny in my pathway in the greeting card aisle. Very careful retrieval! (Coin #2)

I walked away laughing and saying, “Penny Angels you are such BRATS!” That was uncalled for. I was really tempted to not bother with that little penny. At which point they replied with putting a dime in my path. “OK. At least now you are upping the reward”. (Coin #3)

I was back home within 35 minutes with a clean truck, 3 coins and renewed enthusiasm.


Doc came home from his weekend retreat around 2 PM. He had dropped off his friend at the airport, then stopped at a grocery store to make a call. He collected a penny under a bench outside the store, then a dime inside. (Doc Coins #1&2).


This evening at 7 PM Doc and I headed out for our weekly “date” (grocery shopping). En route I said, “Penny Angels I do not want to do a lot of writing tonight because I have homework papers to grade, exams to make up, etc. We have enough coins already today. Please don’t bug me any more today.” They laughed.

Our first stop was Trader Joe’s. I looked for coins in front of the burger place next door. There was a dime! I looked down the row of picnic tables, but did not see anything. Couldn’t resist walking just a few steps … spotted another dime. Wow! Bent over to pick it up and there was a quarter! Then a few feet away another dime! I turned back to meet up with Doc and there was a penny where I had just looked. (Mushroom Coin). (Coins #4-8).

Inside Traders Joe’s I carefully searched each check out lane because they were all vacant at the time. As we were checking out, Doc spotted a penny at the electric carts. (Doc #3). The gal behind me only had two items to purchase so I let her go ahead of me. ARK. Then I spotted a penny and a quarter! (Coins #9&10). Nice reward. As Doc pushed the shopping cart out to the van he spotted two pennies. When he bent to retrieve those, he spotted two more. (Doc coins #4-7)

At Sprouts I found a penny as we walked in. (Coin #11) Flashed it to Katie, a cashier with whom we had shared the Penny Finders story. She smiled. Shared Joy.

Doc said, “We just need a nickel to ‘Hit for the Cycle’”. We parked the van at Stater Bros. and headed across the parking lot. He bent over - and collected a nickel! (Doc Coin #8)


We had plenty of coins, but decided to stop at 7-11 and say hello to Tony. Doc spotted a Sit-N-Find penny in a parking stall as we drove into the lot (Doc Coin #9). As we walked in, Tony smiled and held up a penny and a nickel saying “These are for you!” I replied, “Thanks Tony, it is Day #513!” (Indirect Finds). There were three customers who wondered what we meant. I gave them Penny Cards and told them the story. One guy offered to give me a penny from his pocket, but I explained that was not a “found coin”. Must abide by Penny Protocol. After they left, I looked under the counter to find a penny. (Coin #12).

Total: 21 Coins P (13), N (1), D (5), Q (2) = $1.18

The Penny Angels were definitely not quiet this evening.

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