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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day #524 - Fun Finds

Tomorrow is a big day at school. Approximately 400 Engineering students will be presenting their senior projects to industry guests as well as the campus audience . It is always an impressive event. So that meant today my focus was on event prep and lectures - not pennies.

At 6:45 PM Doc called to say it was time to leave. I packed up and waited for him at the street. After a few minutes he called and said he had been delayed, but was on his way.

Doc said, “So go find a penny while you are waiting for me”!

Picture me in business suite with 30 lbs. of gear (carrier bag full of folders, student papers, two lunch pouches, a bag of textbooks, a full handbag and some other misc. things.

I told him, “Honey. You are kidding, right? I realize my marriage vows said ‘Love, Honor, and Obey”, but you are REALLY pushing it here!”

Note: my wording may have been more of the PG version than the G version I have typed here.

So where could I go in 2-3 minutes to find a penny? Of course, I headed for the vending machine area. I walked all around talking out loud to the Penny Angels the whole time.

The logical “engineering” mind said, “What did you expect? Did you really think you could waltz down here and say ‘pretty please manifest me a penny’ and you’d have one? What is the reasonable probability of that?”

At that point I was “nudged” to check the coin return chute of the machine in front of me.

My reply, “No. Sorry Penny Angels, I just don’t do that. I am not that desperate.”

The nudging said, “Don’t argue. Shut up and check”.

There was a penny in the coin return! Since when do the vending machines give or take pennies? They only accept swipe cards, bills, or larger coins!

Doc was laughing when I obediently delivered the penny to him.


Doc and I stopped at the little Mexican restaurant on the way home. After placing our order our eyes went into “search mode”. I spied something.

Tina: “Honey is that a penny?”

Doc: “Definitely”

I walked past a few tables and did an up-close viewing - it was not a penny! Merely a blob! But there was a penny within a foot of the blob! (Coin #3). Doc and I were laughing.

Lesson: Listen to the “Nudgings”

Total: 3 Pennies

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