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Friday, May 21, 2010

Day #518 - Winged Penny Angel

This morning the line at Starbucks was extraordinarily long, so Doc got his coffee at the gas station across the street instead. I looked for a coin inside the store, but found none. This is a fairly large gas stations with 8 pumping bays and a huge expanse of concrete. There was a little sparrow pecking at an expansion crack in that vast sea of concrete. I thought it to be a little unusual. Then I thought, “Wouldn’t it be ‘really strange’ if that bird was trying to show my a coin”? That is not logical. I walked over to the bird. There was a dime in the crack!(Coin #1).

Then, as I returned to our parked van, I found today’s penny. (Coin #2).


Today was a furlough day (not supposed to be on campus working). So we only put in 5.5 hours before taking a break. As I went to meet Doc and leave campus, there was a dime in my path! (Coin #3)

We met with a realtor regarding the sales of our Claremont lot. Before returning to school to work a few more hours, we stopped at In-N-Out Burgers. As we drove up to the pay window I could see a bunch of copper scattered about. I felt like a chicken gobbling up feed.

One penny, two pennies, three pennies, four --five pennies, six pennies, could there be more?

I did not see any more, but Doc hopped out of the van to retrieve a nickel which I had missed! Doc needed to move the van and proceed to the pick up window and when he pulled away, there was another penny! (Mushroom coin) (Coins #4-11).


We had a fun (?) evening at school grading midterms and quizzes and ‘babysitting’ the 3-D printing machine which was fabricating parts. Engineering Nerds? Yes.

Total: 11 Coins P (8), N (1), D (2), Q (0) = $0.33

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