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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day #498 - Productive Day

I’m sitting here with a bowl of coins in front of me. I remember a few of the Finds, but don’t even know how there could be so many. Good thing I was given a voice recorder to use for taking notes…

This morning Doc insisted that Sparky and I go with him to get coffee. Neither one of us found anything in that area. Doc wanted something at the grocery store, so we drove across the street. I hopped out at the burger place. I started with a SingSong, “Hey Penny Angels won’t you come out to play …” and although the outdoor tables had just been hosed off, within 30 seconds I found a penny! (Coin #1). I met Doc at the grocery store and while he was paying, I managed to find two dimes in the check out lanes (Coins #2&3)


This afternoon we had a 2 p.m. meeting. On the way, Doc made a McDonald’s run. While he was in the line to place his order, I hopped out of the van to search the self-serve car wash.

I chanted a SingSong again, “Hey Penny Angels won’t you come out to play…” That’s as far as I got before finding a penny. Then a dime a few moments later. (Coins #4&5) I hopped back into the van as Doc proceeded to the pay window. Hopped back out of the van to collect a penny and a quarter there (Coins #6&7). Then at the next window Doc picked up his burger while I picked up another quarter and penny! (Coins #8&9).


Our 2 p.m. meeting was out at the Claremont lot with potential buyers. They called to say they were delayed by approximately 45 minutes. We had not brought along any work to do, papers to grade, books to read, or anything. What to do? PennyFinding of course! We headed for the nearest grocery store.

When we entered the grocery store, Doc immediately spotted a penny in Aisle 2, but there was too much traffic, so he told me about it and continued on. I loitered near the entrance. Found a penny near the coin counting kiosk. As I was standing around, I looked next to me at the computer station where people could submit on-line job applications. There was a penny on the keyboard! There was a break in the traffic of aisle two, so I swooped in for the penny. Next I visited the floral section. Huge selection. Two ladies were standing there. I giggled and thought, “There should be a penny under them”. Sure enough, when they stepped aside, there was a penny! The next penny was at the rotisserie chicken stand, then Doc found one at the butcher counter. (Coins #10-15).

Once outside the store I was not even going to bother looking at the payphones and soda vending machines because Doc had already looked there. But he missed a coin between two machines. Even when I pointed to it, he did not see it. It was beyond my reach, so I needed to fetch the Arm Extender (commonly known as a back scratcher). While returning to the van, Doc found a penny. I then rescued that dime trapped between those big, tall machines. (Coins #16&17)


We had our meeting at the lot with the potential buyer and realtor. That was quite pleasant. The buyer is seeking a large enough lot for a tennis court. Ours is.

Our next stop was at the office supply store. I only needed one item. It was labeled at $12.99 but marked down to $2.50. That was saving a lot of pennies. Doc found a penny (Coin #18)

Doc needed to stop for coffee again. There was only one coin to be found - a 2¢ Euro Coin. That was fun. (Coin #19). Doc’s coffee was taking a long time to brew, so I ran next store to the car wash - one battered penny there. (Coin #20).

Total: 19 US Coins P (13), N (0), D (4), Q (2) = $1.03 + 2¢ Euro

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