In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day #506 - Mother's Day

What could be more fun on Mother’s Day than … Penny Hunting? At 10 AM we packed up our gear from our stay at the cabin and headed down the mountain. We stopped at the 7-11 store to search for coins. There was a penny as I walked in the door (Coin #1) and I could see some silver under the counter. There were many customers and I could not just push my way in front of them and get down on hands and knees to retrieve the coins. So Doc bought a piece of cheese and as he was paying, I “bowed before him” and collected a dime and a quarter. (Coins #2&3). Spent 99¢ to get 35¢. Sounds like the recent mortgage business.

There were clear blue skies and sunshine at the cabin. Unlimited visibility. We crested the top of the mountain and were suddenly in the clouds. Visibility was only a few hundred feet. What an incredible difference in traveling those few minutes

Thought: That is how I feel with Penny Tales at this point. Can’t “see” where this is heading. Fog all around. Don’t know which direction to take.

Couldn’t resist searching at Starbucks at the base of the mountain. Found a penny, nickel and quarter. (Coins #4-6) That makes 3 days in a row for nickels. Those are fairly rare! We now had a “Hit for the Cycle”.

There were no cars at Taco Bell, so a quick run through the drive up window. Emerged with three pennies (Coins #7-9). The Kentucky Fried Chicken also had no cars in line, so Doc parked the van to eat a muffin while I walked through the drive up window to collect a quarter and a penny! (Coins #10&11).

The afternoon was spent at my brother’s house celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom and family. It was potluck so everyone brought something. They know my culinary skills - I got to bring the tables and chairs.

This evening we made our usual tours of the grocery stores. There were three independent pennies at Trader Joe’s. We saw a co-worker at the Sprouts store and found a penny as we emerged from there. (Coins #12-15).

At Stater Bros. Doc found a penny when we arrived. (Coin #16). I found what I thought was a quarter. It was a Restroom Token for a place in Indianapolis, IN! (Doc will keep this one since he makes it a point to know where every bathroom is!) As we were checking out with our groceries, I found two dimes and a penny. Then Doc found a coin at the news stands as we emerged from the store. (Coins #17-20).

We were hoping to find a second nickel so we could have a Double Hit for the Cycle. So we stopped at the 7-11. Only two pennies and a dime there. (Coins #21-23).

Total: 23 Coins P (15), N (1), D (4), Q (3) = $1.35 Hit for the Cycle

+ One Restroom Token

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