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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day #510 - Order Filled

Today was a fun day. There was a campus wide event called “Alumni Professor for a Day” where the goal is to have an Alumnus teaching in every class today. The students love it.

Mid morning I was delivering some balloons to highlight today’s event. Stopped in the bathroom. After washing my hands, I noticed a penny at one of the stall doors. (Coin #1) That was just very unusual. As I was exiting the restroom I thought, “weird” and I turned to glance back. There was another penny there! (Coin #2) Mushroom coin.

At noon there was a panel of four engineering alumni speaking on Teamwork. Approximately 150 students in attendance. 35 pizzas with leftovers. I carried 3 pizzas all the way back to my building and thought, “this is silly. WHY am I doing this?” I delivered the pizzas to a study room. The students appreciated it. I exited the room and found a penny in my path. (Coin #3) Was that a reward for the ARK (Act of Random Kindness)? I went right back into the room and showed them the penny exclaiming “Day #510”! The students cheered and there was Shared Joy!


My class this afternoon was a delight. Some of those students are a real pleasure to know.

Doc found a penny in the breezeway after his class (Coin #4).

This evening as one of my co-workers was leaving he passed me saying, “I just need a quarter today.” I stopped what I was doing and said, “Penny Angels, please deliver a quarter”. Hopefully he found one on his way home.

As Doc and I were leaving, Doc insisted upon driving through the parking lot. I told him he was uhhhh addicted (polite version). To which he soon replied, “I think I see something.” He put the van in reverse, drove back a few feet, hopped out and said, “Now I don’t see it!” But then he picked up --- a Quarter! (Just what I had ordered from the Penny Angels)! (Coin #5)


Doc had a “craving for steak”. So on the way home he pulled through the McDonalds for two burgers! Yuck. That is his “Oakie” version of steak! I collected two pennies down hill of the pay window in the hosed-down area. While he was paying he noticed coins, so he jumped out and collected a dime, a penny and another quarter! The Angels filled my verbal request twice!

The architect called to say she has 8 sets of plans ready for us to pick up tomorrow and then submit to the City on Monday. CPP (Constant Positive Progress).

Total: 10 Coins P (7), N (0), D (1), Q (2) = $0.67

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