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Friday, May 14, 2010

Day #511 - Long Day

The architect had called yesterday to say our 8 sets of plans were ready for pick up. There was no way I could get to her office during working hours today, so Doc got the drawings. Next step - submission to the City.


This morning as I approached my building at work, I saw a penny through the glass windows of a study room! Thank You Penny Angels. (Coin #1) Then as I emerged from that room, there was a dime by the vending machines,. (Coin #2).

The day was spent in class and then setting up for tomorrow’s conference. We hauled cases and cases of things across campus.

I graded student journals for a few hours (insightful). Took a break to witness the unveiling ceremony of the new Baja race car. The students are so proud of their accomplishments.


At 8:30 PM two students whom I did not know were desperately trying to get into a lab and test their bacteria counts on their water samples. I went with them to the lab and spent 15 minutes “babysitting”. It was frustrating because I had a 9 PM goal to get some things done. When the students were through, they thanked me. I gave them each a Penny Card and told them to go forth and do ARKs. As I headed back to my office I said, “so Penny Angels, do I get a reward for that ARK?” Within moments there was a penny! (Coin #3)

Lessons: Do ARKs even when they don’t ‘fit into your plans’.


Then it was back to grading journals. Doc called me around 10:30 and asked why I was still on campus.

Doc did not come to campus today. He had numerous calls to make and then he picked up the plans from the architect. He, of course, also stopped for lunch - fried chicken and chips. He found a penny right on a bench where plenty of people were standing around waiting for their orders. Within the store he found a dime stuck under the cash register - so he rescued it. Then when exiting the store he found another penny behind the bench. (Doc coins #1-3).

This afternoon Doc picked up a friend from the airport then headed for a Men’s Retreat for two nights. He called from the conference to say he had found a penny. Then within minutes he called to say he had found a dime. Then within another minutes he called to say he had found two quarters in the Pepsi machine near where he had found the penny. Looks like the Penny Angels are also along on the retreat. (Doc coins#4-7)

Later in the afternoon Doc was out walking with a friend around Arrowhead Lake; looking at the fish and ducks. He spotted something round in the planters where the ducks were nesting. When he investigated further he found a yellow quarter! (Doc Coin #8). Not quite a Golden Goose, but interesting anyhow.


I arrived home at 11:15 PM. fed the dogs and sat down at the computer to begin working on the latest set of student homework papers. The file was not on my flash drive as I expected! NO! It was on the Desktop of my computer at school. Poop! I had promised the students that I would have their problems posted for their review by Midnight tonight!

I grabbed one of the dogs for companionship (may as well make a field trip out of this) and headed back to school … Retrieved the needed file, then drove back home.

It’s now nearly 2 AM I have finished the student papers (slightly missing my midnight deadline). Must be back on campus in 3.5 hours for a huge all-day conference.

Talk to you later ….

Total: 11 Coins P (5), N (0), D (3), Q (3) = $1.10

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