In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day #515 - ARKs = JOY

On the way to work Doc stopped at Starbucks. While we were waiting in the drive up line, I could tell there were several coins ahead. Anticipation! There was first a penny, then a nickel, a dime, another nickel and a quarter! Wow! A Hit for the Cycle all in one place! (Coins #1-5)

As Doc approached the freeway onramp he spotted IT - the penny which had been teasing him for at least a week! He had seen it several times, but there had been cars behind us or the signal had been green so we could not stop. Today the light was red and the cars behind us weren’t too intimidating, so he dove for it! Median Find. (Coin #6)


Doc found a penny in walking from his office to class. There was a Robot competition for elementary kids today and so there was ‘stuff’ all around when the event ended. Doc was merely helping to clean up one item. (Coin #7)

At work I had a thank you gift to deliver to a student. I went looking for him. He emerged from a room just as I was walking past. Thank you Angels. I handed him the gift and then noticed a dime slightly behind him. Thank You Angels. (Coin #8)

After that little boost, I decided to walk for a few more minutes and get off my … computer J

I walked through the Marketplace and collected a dime at Taco Bell, a penny at the Carl’s Jr. and a dime under the backside of a student having lunch (I did ask his permission before reaching there and gave him a Penny Card to ‘validate’ my actions). (Coins #9-11).


Class was really fun today. Showed some videos and gave them the midterm - which they created. After class during my office hour, I received a call from an instructor who was stuck in traffic and was going be late to his lecture. He asked if I could go post a note on the board of his class. Sure. That was an easy ARK to do. I went to the class 10 minutes before it began. There were already numerous students there. What would they do for 30 minutes? Since they were just texting and hanging around, I decided to take action. I basically gave them the condensed lecture I had just given my students! We were having fun. I was showing them videos of roller coaster designs, ice cream manufacturing and urine recycling. Plus discussions on solar cars, student leadership retreats, senior projects and numerous other topics. When the instructor finally arrived, the students told him to go away - we were having FUN learning!


One the way home Doc was ‘nudged’ to stop at the gas station to Penny Find. He unearthed two pennies (or so he first thought) in a planter. One turned out to be a nickel. I came to look at what he was doing and asked him why he didn’t take the dime as well! (Coins #12-14). I found a penny inside the store on the floor by the register (Coin #15).


We stopped at the little Mexican restaurant for a ‘quick’ dinner (which took over an hour)! Found a penny as we were walking in. (Coin #16). Dinner was taking an extremely long time so I began talking to the couple at the next table. We got to talking about ARKs and I gave them each a Penny Card.

Speaking of ARKs… Today I was involved with a co-worker on a project. We were conversing as we were working and the person shared a recent major setback in the plans they had been pursuing for many months. It was heartbreaking to hear. Words came out of me with a possible solution to the situation. The words surprised both of us! The words didn’t come from me, because they were not “logical”. They came from that ‘intuition’ (Spirit) side. The force of those words were powerful. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to do Acts of Random Kindness?

Total: 16 Coins P (7), N (3), D (5), Q (1) = $0.97

Lesson: ARKs = JOY (for all parties involved)

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