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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day #509 - HOA Approval and Funny Finds

Yesterday we were on hold … today we moved forward.

If you read yesterday’s blog you know that I was up late last night working on edits to the landscaping plan. We dropped those off this morning at the Landscape Design Office. Doc parked the van and said, “Go turn in those drawings and find a coin while I go to Starbucks. See you in a few minutes.” I went into the office, submitted the plans and emerged saying, “Penny Angels I have about 3 minutes before I meet back with Doc. I need a coin.” At that moment I found a penny in the street. And it wasn’t just any penny. It was a nice, shiny new Lincoln Log House penny! (Coin #1) I showed Doc and said, “This Log Cabin penny is a positive sign for our new Home.”


Doc dropped me off at school and then decided to go get a blood test which he has been putting off. After that, he went to a car wash. His phone indicated an incoming message at the same moment when he spotted a penny in a nearby flowerbed. (Coin #2) He retrieved the penny which was a Lincoln Log Cabin penny and then retrieved the phone message. The call was from the architect who said the HOA president had called - our house plans were ready for pick up! Coincidence? Sure!

Doc called to tell me about the House Plan approval. Then he hopped on the freeway and headed out to get the plans. He stopped at a gas station for fuel. He spotted a shiny penny (Coin #3) then when a nearby car pulled away, he spotted another penny (Coin #4). When he exited the freeway he spotted a penny in the Median as well (Coin #5) What is interesting here is that +/- 5 minutes of Doc’s Median find, I was telling a co-worker about Doc’s phone call to pick up the house plans. His reply, “And I know Doc will find a Median Penny on this trip.” Doc did!

When Doc got back to school we unrolled the house plans … only one thing on them. The stamp of approval with signatures!


This afternoon was our bi-weekly Play Time with my niece and nephews. 4 hours every other week where we put the rest of the world on hold and they are our entire focus. This week Ashley and Brandon wanted to go bowling, but Nick did not. So we went walking and talking. All sorts of topics. At the 7-11 we found one penny outside in the parking lot and one inside under the counter. (Coins #6&7)

As we walked across a gas station Nicholas was saying that when people talk, he often is not really lsitenting or paying attention. To which I replied, “Paying Attention? Do you mean like right now. Look under your right foot.” He was actually standing on a penny! (Coin #8)

Thought: We say we are searching for answers or direction. But are we really paying attention for the answers? Are we perhaps standing right on top of them and yet looking all around us?

The next penny find was a bit humorous. I spotted a penny in the far corner underneath a concrete bench outside the CVS Store. OK. Except that sitting on the bench directly over the penny was an oriental speaking woman engaged in a cell phone conversation. It would have been way out of line for either Nick or I to dive under her backside! We waited patiently for her to end the conversation. She gave no signs of slowing and wondered why we were standing there staring at her. Finally I flashed a Penny Card at her and pointed beneath her. It took a few hand signals, but we connected and then Nick dove in. He emerged with the penny and a scraped elbow. (Coin #9) We smiled and left the Penny Card on the bench next to her. I wonder what she was telling the person on the other end of the phone. Maybe she thought she was on Candid Camera or something!


We had dinner at Applebee’s. Kids eat for $1 with an adult meal. Not bad!

Next, the kids wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese play center. Doc likes playing basketball there. He also found one penny (Coin #10) and 4 tokens.


The last coin find for today was unique. Doc said he had been feeling something funny either in his right shoe or pant leg. He had even taken off his shoe at school to investigate, yet found nothing. Tonight when we got home Doc took off his shoes and heard an impact noise while walking around the house. He rolled up his pant leg and had me investigate. Sure enough there was a round object of some sort sewn into the hem of his pants! I got it out to discover a nickel! (Nickels are the rarest coins to find). How do you explain that? Doc has worn those pants dozens and dozens of times!

This has been a good day. Progress.

Total: 10 pennies + 4 Chuck E. Cheese tokens and one weird nickel

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