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Friday, May 28, 2010

Day #525 - Project Symposium

New house progress: The results of our Fire Hydrant Test came in today’s mail - it passed! We are adequately pressurized.


Today was a big day at school. Approximately 400 Engineering students presented their senior projects in 16 simultaneous workshop sessoins.

There was a team of 8 student volunteers working with me this morning and when one of them arrived, she held out a penny saying “Found this on the way over”. That was a good start to the day.

Around noon I transported a load of gear to my office and was starting to feel wilt. There was one voicemail message on the phone - a friend from Texas who called to say, “Just found a bright, shiny penny outside my office. Thinking of you and sending you an energy hug”. What perfect timing! Thank You Penny Angels for that.

I shut down the morning workshops, moved dozens of desks, furniture and other gear back into place, then headed across campus for the afternoon portion of the event. I was half way there and thinking I needed to find a penny yet today. I was very tempted to detour through the Marketplace or Student Center to search for today’s coin, but realized I needed to be setting up for the 1:30 function. So I said (out loud), “Hello Penny Angels, I can’t detour right now. Then after the function I will be transporting gear with other people and by the time I shut down around 7 PM, I will NOT want to stop anywhere on my way home in order to search for a silly penny.” “So just what do YOU plan to do about THAT?” Within 10-15 ft. of uttering those words, there was a penny in the street in front of me! The question was answered in a matter of seconds! WOW! OK! I guess you made your point! (Coin #1)

During the event I found a second penny.

Once again, The Penny Angels provided their two cents worth!

Total: 2 Pennies

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