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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day #519 - Grand Slam

I was just heading upstairs to go to bed and thinking, “My chores are done enough. I’m going to read a good book for a few minutes, then go to sleep early tonight.” Then I realized I hadn’t written today’s Penny Tale. You’d think after 500+ days it would be a habit almost impossible to break. (I thought the same thing after 10 weeks of regular exercise).
No in both cases.


This morning Doc went out with son and grandson to look at some property. Of course they stopped at Starbucks for fuel. One quarter found there (Doc Coin #1). They came home around 1 p.m. After lunch I headed out to run errands. Went to the post office and office supply store. No coins found. So I pulled into a self-serve car wash and asked the Penny Angels to find me a coin. There was a nickel on a high concrete pad supporting the vacuum hose. (Tina Coin #1).

There were zero cars in the Carl’s Jr. drive through line, so I could not resist the temptation to stop and look … Sure enough - a quarter! (Tina Coin #2)

I was in the mood for a new shirt or something (and to avoid grading exams and homework papers). So I spent a few minutes shopping. Emerged with 7 CDs, 3 blouses and 2 pennies. (Tina Coins #3&4).

I spent $22 to get 2¢ ! That is not a good return on investment.


This afternoon Doc took Sparky out for some “guy time”. As they were driving through dowtown La Verne, Doc spotted a penny in the street by the donut shop, but he did not stop.

Doc and Sparky wandered the high school parking lot and found a penny, then a penny, then two more pennies. Doc told Sparky they needed to find a dime to complete the “Hit for the Cycle”. Sparky stopped and pointed out all sorts of interesting things (burger wrappers, etc.), but walked right past a dime! (It made no scents to him). J Then Doc spotted a second dime! (Doc Coins #2-7).

Doc told Sparky they next needed a nickel to achieve a DOUBLE “Hit for the Cycle” today. They went to the bank for some cash and when they emerged they spotted the requested nickel under a bench in front of the new pizza place. -- he even did a one-knee retrieval for this one. (Doc Coin #8) Doc is getting pretty good at this game.

Doc went to use the restroom in the grocery store and spotted a penny deep into a check out station and another one ½ under the coin machine where there were people. He left both of those coins (forgones). As Doc was leaving the store he checked the coin changing machine. He found a 1979 5 pfennig German coin as well as a LazerStar game token. Symbolism of international and intergalactic travel? Then he spotted something big and shiny under the ATM machine. He said he just grabbed it (another one-knee retrieval) and walked out. Once in the van he looked - it was a golden one dollar coin! GRAND SLAM! (Doc Coin #9).

Doc could not resist going back through town to rescue that poor street penny. He parked the van and rescued it from being run over any further. And for his efforts the Penny Angels rewarded him with an additional quarter in a nearby tree well. Nice! (Doc Coins #10&11)

Total: 15 Coins P (7), N (2), D (2), Q (3), 1($) = $2.12

+ 5¢ German + 1 game token

DOUBLE Hit for the Cycle and a Grand Slam!

7 copper, 7 silver, 3 golden

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