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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day #415 - Timing

This morning I headed to school at 7 a.m. Wanted to run some copies and get some things done before Doc was up and going so that I could work with him on household stuff before he “checked out” for the Super Bowl. When I returned home at 10:30 Doc had gone to breakfast with son Stephen and grandson Ethan. (3 generations of Shelton boys).


Doc finally returned home. He had collected two coins. There was a penny on the floor next to where he was paying for breakfast. Then when they went to Starbucks there was a dime approximately 12 inches underneath the condiment cart. For that one he did a one-knee retrieval. (Coins #1&2)


Today we planted the “For Sale” sign on our Claremont property. A little sad to “put the nail in the coffin” of that dream. We had our first “nibble” before we had finished hanging the sign. A local family stopped and asked the selling price.

On the way to the lot, Doc suggested stopping at a gas station so I could find my coin for the day. I check the mini-mart, the gas pump area, the perimeter of the building, the car wash bays, etc. Nothing! Finally I went inside the car wash and found a penny underneath a plant stand. Doc wondered how I found that. I told him I was not leaving that facility until today’s coin was found. (Coin #3).

After we visited the lot, Doc insisted upon stopping at Lowe’s. No coins inside. As we were driving away Doc spotted a Sit-N-Find penny with me doing his retrieval! Then a second pennny only two parking stalls further. It was very battered and I didn’t even see it when Doc was pointing it out to me. (Coin #4&5)


We were almost home when Doc remembered the foregone Median Penny from Day #408. That was the day when the police car was in front of us at the red light and Doc realized it might be difficult to explain a Median Retrieval to the officer. That might well lead to a breathalyzer test! I wonder how Penny Fever would register on the meter …

There was no police car in the turn lane today. Even with the torrential rains this week, the penny was still there! But tonight it is warm and dry inside our home. (Coin #6).

Total: 6 Coins P (5), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.15

Today’s Lesson: The Median Penny (just like our new home) was there for us to obtain. It is a matter of waiting for the appropriate timing.

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