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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day #436 - Medal Collection

It’s been fun Penny Finding - including that Found Canadian quarter while the Olympic sports have been going on over these past few days! Since the Opening Day on Friday, February 12 the Shelton Team has taken home 145 coppers, 31 silvers and one gold!


On the way to school this morning Doc stopped at Starbucks. He got his coffee, I got 1¢. (Coin #1). Doc was not satisfied, so he drove across the street to the gas station. He walked around the gas pumps while I went inside the convenience store. I searched the store three times and found nothing. Finally bought some throaties and spied a penny under a dust bunny in the corner. (Coin #2).


We worked a few hours at school, then Doc “needed” to get home and watch the US vs. Canada hockey game. We stopped at a burger place to grab lunch on the way home. It was taking a really long time for our order, so I hopped out of the van and ran inside the diner. There was a penny on the floor. When I retrieved it, there was also a dime. Then a penny at the feet of a customer waiting to place her order. I smiled, gave her a Penny Card and took the penny. She smiled. (Coins #3-5).

Doc had not advanced any in the line of cars, so he was getting bored. He kept searching as far as his eyes could see - and he spotted a penny almost totally buried in the dirt! Eagle eyes! (Coin #6). We finally advanced to the pay window where I collected two pennies and a dime in front of the van, then a penny behind the van! (Coins #7-10)


This afternoon Doc watched hockey, I worked on class prep. We took a break this evening to go grocery shopping. Found two pennies at the first store. (Coins #11&12).

No coins at the second grocery store. Found another two pennies at the third grocery store (Coins #13&14). After unloading the grocery bags into the van, there seemed to be no safe place to leave the empty cart. I did not feel like pushing the cart all the way back to the store entrance, so I was doing it half-heartedly. I was rewarded with a dime for my efforts. (Coin #15).

Total: 15 Coins P (12), N (0), D (3), Q (0) = $0.42

Lesson: Go the extra distance - it can be rewarding

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