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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day #428 - Delayed Starts

This morning I wanted to be out the door and start my day by 8 AM. I was ready to go when Doc told me there were things he wanted me to do around the house first. Delayed Start.


After the household chores. Doc insisted upon a Starbucks and Penny Finding run. Grrr… More of a Delayed Start.

We headed for the high school parking lot. There was some type of function going on and the school gates were unlocked, so I searched through the hallways and lunch tables. Nothing in 15 minutes of searching! I next walked the parking lot. Still nothing! (Could that have anything to do with my pissy attitude this morning?)

I headed for the skateboarding area. Walked all around it. Nothing. I was growing impatient. “Penny Angels, enough! I gave you 25 minutes this morning and your time is up.” There were suddenly two shiny pennies under a picnic table in front of me. (Coins #1&2) I glanced along the iron fence as I was leaving. There was a penny in the dirt, then another, then another! (Coins #3-5). As I exited the gate, there was a penny next to the trash can. But I had looked carefully around that trash can as I entered the area. And no one had gone past there since that time. I bent to pick it up and there were two more pennies! Mushroom Coins (Coins #6-8).

Meanwhile Doc had found one coin while he was driving the parking lot. Sit N Find. He parked the van, then Sparky “walked the Doc” to find an additional seven pennies. (Coins #9-16).

As of 10:30 AM the score was tied 8:8


We got Doc’s coffee and then went home to work on taxes for a few hours. I was minutes from leaving the house. There was an unexpected knock on the front door. It was my mom. Her car was being serviced nearby, so she needed a place to hang out. More Delayed Starts.


Finally, I managed to get on the road to school. I was stopped at a red light. When the left arrow turned green, I looked at the traffic in the other direction. Nothing looked out of the ordinary, yet something “nudged” me very softly to delay my start through the intersection. Delayed Start for just a moment - to let an SUV come running through the red light. I had my dog Norman with me in the truck and he was thrilled to have his side of the vehicle still in tact.

Lesson: LISTEN to those nudgings! Sometimes they ask you to do nice things for others. Sometimes they save your backside!


At school I said to the Penny Angels, “I looked here last night when I was leaving, and this place is pretty deserted. What would be the chance of Finding a Penny at the entrance doors today?” I guess 100% when the Penny Angels are running the show. (Coin #17).

I worked until 5:30, then headed home.


For fun, Doc and I went to the jeweler to pick up my “new” Valentine’s bracelet (the broken one that he found in the parking lot last weekend). (Today’s Gold piece). It wasn’t quite ready, so we wandered the grocery store aisles. Doc was walking closer to the registers. I was just warning him that he should walk to the other side of me, because it would be foolish to stand between me and a Found Penny - I might bowl him over. But he is as aggressive as I am, so when we simultaneously spotted the penny, it was a race. I let him get it so that the score would be again tied at 9:9. (Coin #18)


Doc next wanted to stop at the 7-11 and check his lottery ticket (and look for coins). I found one penny in the parking lot, then Doc found one under the Chips display. The score was now10:10 (Coins #19&20)

I was looking under the counter at 7-11 and told Tony, the cashier, “No coins there tonight”. He gave a big smile, reached down on his side of the counter and produced a penny from the floor. Smiles Shared! Now who gets that coin? (Coin #21)


As we parked at the grocery store, I spotted something before I got out of the van. I told Doc “Dime. No. Yes. No. Yes?” It was. Yay. Silver for today. (Coin #22). We were entering the store when I heard someone say, “Bet I know what you two are doing!” It was Penny Finder Stakeholder #1!!!! What a nice surprise. We only run into him once or twice a year. He was getting ready to run a marathon tomorrow. That hug from him was sure a nice Delay.

As we walked into the grocery store, Doc and I both spotted the penny. Race! I then spotted a penny in one of the closed aisles. (Coins #23&24).

Total: 24 Coins P (23), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.33

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