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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day #431 - Ladies Competitions

The primary focus today was work - with a one hour detour to meet with the architect on the New House. Constant Positive Progress (CPP).

This morning Doc insisted upon his Starbucks stop on the way to the architect. I went next door to the CVS store in search of coins. Nothing. Then, as I was exiting, there was today’s penny (Coin #1). Doc emerged from the Starbucks. He was stepping over a curb in front of the van, but paused briefly to pick up a shiny penny which was prominently positioned on top of the curb! (Coin #2).

We met with the architect for an hour. That was exciting. This is round four of the front view of the house. We are close enough with “the look” that she is now going now to continue sketches for the other three sides of the house for next week’s meeting.

On the way to school Doc and I were both hungry. We went through the Carl’s Jr. Drive through where Doc got food and I got coins. At first I just saw a penny under the window. Then I saw a dime deeply imbedded on edge in a narrow crack. I was going to get tweezers to extract it, but long fingernails managed to pry it out. Meanwhile Doc spotted a Sit-N-Find penny as he was waiting for me to move aside before advancing the car. I went to hop in the van and found a quarter and another penny. (Coins #3-7 and a burger at that stop).

Late this afternoon Doc dropped by my office. He had just visited the Starbucks on campus so he had a coffee in one had and his found quarter in the other hand. (Coin #8) Yes, this is a fun competition. Tina: 5 coins = 38¢

Doc 3 coins = 27¢

Total: 8 Coins P (5), N (0), D (1), Q (2) = $0.65


Here is a neat story from one of the Penny Finders and StakeHolders:

Yesterday I was at mile nine of the Pasadena Marathon, and a yard ahead of me I spotted a penny. I didn't want to stop. I had been chasing a guy for the last five miles and he was almost mine. Then the darned penny angels started in. "You have to stop and pick up that penny." "I can't bend over. I've been at this for two hours and my hands are beginning to swell. My fingers are sausages." "Quit whining and pick up the penny," They replied. I painfully bent over and managed to pick up the penny in an awkward two-finger manner that would have made a lobster proud. "Can I go now?" "No more pennies?" "No more pennies," they said. I caught that guy anyway! 1 penny -- 1 cent for the day.

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