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Monday, February 15, 2010

Day #423 - Cross-town Finding

Today was President’s Day and thus a holiday from school. But I graded papers and did some class prep anyhow.


Doc and Sparky went for coffee this morning. Doc stood at the dining table when they arrived home and didn’t bother to write a love note; just debriefed me as he dropped the coins in front of me:

“Sparky and I stopped at the high school on our way to Starbucks. I spotted a shiny thing as we were cruising the parking lot. A Sit-N-Find dime.

Sparky wanted to get out and search the bushes. There was a penny as we hopped out of the van. Then we found two more pennies. I saw what looked like an ugly button with a big hole in it. It was a penny which was badly mutilated and ‘diseased’. When we got back to the van I was giving Sparky some water and there was a new penny next to the van. (Mushroom coin). (Coins #1-6).

I quickly stopped at Stater Bros. and was not even going to look for coins there, but couldn’t pass up the penny in one aisle.” (Coin #7).


We had a 1 PM meeting with the architect. We reviewed house front view concept #3 and discussed positioning of the garage and driveway. CPP. Getting closer to some working concepts…


After intense meetings like that, I am usually hungry. So Doc parked at Carl’s Jr. and ate lunch while I searched for pennies. (I was going to eat at home - less calories). There were two cars at the drive up window, so I couldn’t search there. But there was one penny in the driveway area and a second penny by the front door. I was content with today’s find. (Coins #8&9)

I walked around the building to find the drive up window free of cars - a chance to search and quickly capture a shiny penny! (Coin #10)

The drive up window next door at the Taco Bell cleared of cars, so I dove in. Collected a dime and a quarter! (Coins #11&12)

I returned to find Doc getting his food and filling his beverage cup. He pointed to a dime on one of the tables! I did a quick search around that table as well as the others in the room. I told Doc, “No more coins to be found”. He replied, “What about this dime under the table where you retrieved the first dime?” I still did not see it. He had to kick and move it for me to notice it. (Coins #13&14).


I needed to get some little envelopes for Valentine’s cards. The cards I bought were surprisingly inexpensive - now I know why -- envelopes not included. Penny Angels - I need envelopes. I had looked up the address for a local paper store. We were heading to that one, but were “nudged” to stop at party store we were passing. They had a box of ‘defective’ small envelopes (odds and ends) . We found some in the right size which were 10¢ each or 100 for $4. I only needed 60, so we could buy those 60 for $6 or 100 for $4. Hmmmm… let’s do the math here! (We did proceed to the paper store just for fun. 75 envelopes there would have been $18) Talk about manifesting!


In order to “Hit for the Cycle” we needed a nickel. So Doc drove to a nearby grocery store. I spotted a shiny penny (Coin #15) plus some “leftover” flowers. Bouquets with a dozen beautiful long-stemmed red roses were $5! I couldn’t resist. I grabbed a bunch for Doc. But he actually paid for the groceries and flowers, so on the way home we debated as to whom the flowers were To: or From? (As if it mattered).

I kept saying, “Nickel, nickel, nickel …” as we were driving away.

The final stop was just to quickly donate my old cell phone. I ran into the store and told Doc to “go find a nickel while I run inside”. I emerged less than 2 minutes later to see him across the parking lot holding something triumphantly above his head. He came back to the van and showed me the nickel he had just found over by a light pole in a place he would not logically expect it to be. (Coin #16). More manifesting.


Penny Finding may not be an Olympic Sport, but it is a fun one. Can be a single’s or couple’s sport. Doesn’t take years of practice or special equipment. (At least under ordinary circumstances). At the advanced levels, the moves can become quite entertaining and inspiring.

Total: 16 Coins P (10), N (1), D (4), Q (1) = $0.80

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