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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day #426 - Wiped Out

Today was a continuation of National Engineers week activities. I needed to set up for various events and Doc had some pieces being manufactured overnight on the 3-D plotter, so we had an early morning. When we arrived at school there was a very worn penny in front of the van. (Coin #1). Great! That task was completed and out of the way.

Doc had a busy morning. He dealt with his plotted part and then headed to Starbucks and the bank. While adding steps to his pedometer by walking through the parking lot at the bank, he collected 2 pennies. (Coins #2&3). He then went home to shower and change before attending the funeral of a friend’s father. After the funeral, a stop at McDonald’s yielded lunch and a dime. (Coin #4)


This afternoon was our bimonthly playtime with the niece and nephews. I was Wiped Out from this weeks activities and hoping the kids would want to do something fairly mellow today.

It was a gorgeous day, so we spent the first hour playing in the park. I pitched a few balls for Brandon to bat, then he went off across the park to play with Nicholas and Uncle Doc. Ashley wanted to learn how to whack a ball. She got better and better on connecting the bat and ball. She then said, “This is my last one, then I’m going off to play too. I’m going to make this a good one!” I pitched, she connected, the ball came at me faster than I could move and suddenly I was Wiped Out. I was laying on the ground, curled in pain, tears streaming down and my face hurting like heck! Ashley looked down and said, “OK, I’m going off to play now!” I don’t think nursing is in her future. (She takes after her Aunt in this area).

Brandon came running across the park because he saw me laying in a heap. I instructed him to let Uncle Doc know what happened and that I was heading to the car to get an ice pack out of my lunch pail. I would return to them in a little while. Brandon dutifully informed Doc. Meanwhile, Nick arrived and escorted me to the car - he is very tenderhearted. Brandon came shortly after that - because he wanted a snack from the ice chest. J

Lesson: Learning new skills often involves risk.

Also: Teaching others can be an eye-opening (or eye-swelling) experience.


The kids next wanted to go to the library and read about time travelers. That sounded more mellow and a little safer. After that, it was Mongolian BBQ for dinner. Then Chuck E Cheese for indoor play. After 30 minutes there, I could no longer take the noise and commotion. Doc likes shooting hoops at the basketball games and doling out the tokens in exchange for kisses and hugs. He stayed while I escaped for a few minutes outside. I collected 2 pennies at the Rite-Aid store next door. (Coins #5&6). Doc meanwhile found a penny inside CEC. (Coin #7). We drove the kids home and had a quick flashlight walk before they went inside to prepare for bedtime. Always fun to have time with them.


Doc and I were both very thirsty, so we stopped to buy a beverage befor getting on the freeway. Doc spotted a penny under a trashcan! He says he was just thinking like Sparky does. (Coin #8)

Then Doc had a craving for the peanut butter he likes, so we had to stop at Sprouts grocery before getting home. I found one penny at the check out area. Doc found a Sit-N-Find dime in the parking lot as we were leaving. (Coins #9&10).


I got home, did a few chores, drafted this Penny Tale, then fell asleep while leaning over the sofa to watch the Men’s figure skating. Wiped Out.

Total: 10 Coins P (8), N (0), D (2), Q (0) = $0.28

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