In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day #548 - Father's Day

This morning Doc went out with Sparky and got his coffee at Starbucks along with two pennies at the high school parking lot. (Coins #1&2)

I was having a wonderful day, just taking care of lots of little things around the house. Doc and I spent the morning chiseling and re-grouting the kitchen sink. In the afternoon I spent two 30-minute shifts dog sitting down the street at my brother’s house. I finished reading “A Three Dog Life” with the new little puppy. Pure peace and JOY time.


At 6 PM I realized I didn’t have any coin finds for today! Yikes! Off we went for the weekly grocery shopping. Our first stop was 7-11. We collected a penny within 1 ft. of the van, then a second penny under the trashcan outside the store. (Coins #3&4)

Now we each had 2¢ worth and I was happy.


When we entered Trader Joe’s Doc found a dime at the end of a check out lane.(Coin #5) He said, “We now have the dime and the penny, ALL WE NEED are a nickel and a quarter to ‘Hit for the Cycle’. That would be nice for Father’s Day.” We paid for our purchases, loaded the car, and began driving away, I exclaimed, “Stop!” and Doc hit the brakes. There was a car behind him, so he pulled into a parking spot while I ran back 2-3 stalls to rescue a penny. (Coin #6).

At Stater Bros. Groceries I spotted some sort of coin in check-out lane #6, but it was way too crowded to get in there. I returned to look several times, but still could not get it. We chose lane #6 to pay for our groceries, but I did not see the coin. Then I stepped back and got down to look. Sure enough, a Nickel! (Coin #7). As we were exiting the store I spotted a dime in a closed check-out line. But I had looked there three previous times! (Coin #8)

As we were driving away through the parking lot Doc was looking sweetly at me - or so I thought. He exclaimed, “we just passed a penny in a parking stall on your side. Go get it.” Gosh he has good eyes! (Coin #9)

Now we just needed a quarter …I started talking to the Penny Angels … “Quarter, quarter, quarter …” So Doc pulled into the self-service car wash. There was trash everywhere! I have never seen it so bad. But I found a dime and a penny! (Coins #10&11)

At that point I said out loud, “Penny Angels, a dime was nice. Thank You. And this will make for an OK story. But you KNOW that if you would have delivered a quarter in reply to my request for a ‘Hit for the Cycle’ it would have made for a much better story for tonight’s Penny Tale. It really does validate the ‘manifesting and verbalizing lessons when you cooperate.

Doc said, “Let’s try one more place - the junky 99¢ store”. I replied, “We might find pennies there, but not silver.

Doc parked the van and we walked around the car wash before heading into the 99¢ store. I told Doc we were more likely to find a quarter at the car wash. I found one coin in a dirt planter bed. (Couldn’t tell if it was a dime or a penny with all the crud on it). (Coin #12). I was looking at it saying, that was one dirt planter, let’s try another. Penny found. (Coin #13). Doc looked at the pennies in my hand and said, “There should be pennies in some of these deep asphalt cracks - and suddenly there was a penny next to him! (Coin #14).

I thanked the Penny Angels and said 25 more times, “Quarter, quarter, quarter …” As I entered the 99¢ store I immediately spotted a dime under the chip display. “Thank You Penny Angels, It is silver, but I’m a little disappointed it is not the requested Quarter.” I turned the corner to the Greeting Card aisle. In the middle of the aisle with three ladies nearby was a gleaming quarter! I could not believe it! Then there was a nickel a few feet further by the balloons! Wow! Nickels are rare to find. (Coins #15-17)

Thank you Penny Angels, a “Hit for the Cycle”.

I was planning to go home and have a simple dinner. Doc drove past In-N-Out and the aroma overcame him. He told me that he would get a burger while I could get coins. So when it came time to pay at the window, I hopped out to collect 3 dimes! Then while Doc was waiting for his burger, I walked the parking lot to find a very run-over nickel! (Coins #18-21)


Thought: I asked for silver coins today instead of merely pennies.


Thought: I assumed I might find pennies at the thrift store and silver at the car wash. It was the opposite.

Lesson: Don’t limit the Penny Angels. They don’t necessarily think with human logic.

Total: 21 Coins (That’s two days in a row)! P (10), N (3), D (7), Q (1) = $1.20

Hit for the Cycle.

P.S. At 8:30 PM on this Sunday evening there was a knock on our front door. The upholsterer could not find our phone number and call us, so he just decided to drop off the chair cushions! Wow! 24 hour service and I now have one item off my “Sabbatical To Do List!” Nice!

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