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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day #543 - Abundance

Where do I begin on a day like today? A dozen short stories. All filled with Joy and smiles.

As an engineer, I’ll take things chronologically.

Doc took Sparky (his little Chihuahua) out for breakfast. They returned with one burrito, one penny (Coin #1) and one piece of bacon which the gal at the drive-through window prepared just for Sparky! They were Happy Hunters.


10:00 AM

I asked the Penny Angels if they ever dealt with the stock market? They seem to do pretty well with coins, how did they do with shares? I looked on line at my portfolio and said, “Well, if you are listening, how about getting my balance to $ ___ before closing today. (A good day would be a $100-$200 increase, I was asking for approximately $1,000 increase!)


11:00 AM

A colleague shared that he had been Penny Pondering some issues. The Penny Angels delivered two pennies and an Israeli coin at the grocery store as his answer today.

Lesson: The Angels will tailor your find as needed.

11:30 AM

Once on campus, I needed to return equipment I had borrowed for Commencement. I met this wonderful couple in the hallway. He had graduated 47 years ago and this was his first time back on campus. It was definitely a JOY encounter and I even shared Penny Tales with them. I had hoped to find a coin while talking to them, but found one a few minutes later. I was walking past one of the areas where a concession stand had been stationed. I could “feel” a coin. I searched the sidewalk and grass several times. Nothing. I was leaving saying, “I guess the nudging was wrong this time”. And suddenly there was a bright shiny coin in front of me! It actually turned out to be a 2¢ Euro from the Netherlands. (Coin #2)

Insert of Wikipedia information:

2 cent euro coins (€0.02) have a value of one-fiftieth of a euro and are composed of copper-covered steel. All coins have a common reverse side and country-specific national sides. The coin has been used since 2002 and was not redesigned in 2007 as was the case with the higher value coins.



I checked the balance of my stock portfolio - it was $4 shy of the challenge amount! WOW!

OK. That is close enough. Good job!


This afternoon I was having some work done at the Campus Copy Center. The gal said it would take approximately 10 minutes. I told her I would return just as soon as I found a penny.

I walked through the Student Center, but since the school term is over, everything was shut down, the tables and chairs were pushed aside, and the floors were being polished. Not a target-rich environment. Besides, my co-worker said he had just searched that area and already retrieved two coins.

I was returning to the Copy Center in defeat. Conversation: “Penny Angels you know it makes for a much more effective story when I tell people I’m going to find a coin and then you deliver. It helps to validate this Manifesting principle. Doesn’t help the credibility if I return empty-handed.” At that moment I spied a penny tucked under a leg of one of the outdoor dining tables! “Nice work Angels!”

As I passed by the Round Table pizza patio I was “nudged’ to look there. I argued, “Penny Angels do you know how many times I have walked there in the past and never found a coin? It is a waste of my time.” The Angels said to go anyhow. A few feet into the patio was a penny. There was a couple who witnessed the find. He had graduated from CPP 17 years ago. I stopped to help them get a photo (ARK) and told them about Penny Tales. I then returned to the Copy Center with Two coins and shared smiles! (Coins #3&4)


This afternoon after the stock market closed, I was anxious to see if the Penny Angels had delivered the additional $4 to meet the challenge. Boy, was I surprised. There was not just $4 more, there was $400 more!

Lesson: Don’t underestimate the Angels!


This evening as I was leaving campus, I walked past the vending machines. I had walked past them several times today. The campus is essentially deserted right now, so the likelihood of finding any coins was slim. I looked and saw nothing. The nudging said, “Stop. Don’t just give a half-hearted look. Set down your gear, get down on your knees and look way beyond the typical line-of-sight. I did -- and spotted a quarter! (Coin #5) I was almost nose to the ground to reach for that coin when I spotted another one! And this one was a $1 piece! (Coin #6)

Lesson Look beyond the standard Line-of-Sight


I made a quick stop at the grocery store on the way home. There was a penny by the change machine. (Coin #7). Then there was a penny in the check out line. The wife of a colleague was at the beginning of the line and I was at the end, but that did not stop me from conversing with her about Penny Finding -- across the other people and the cashier. There were smiles and Penny Cards passed around to anyone within earshot of that Penny Find. It was fun. (Coin #8).

Enough stories for today.

There were numerous other JOY encounters, but instead of reading mine, go make some of your own!

Total: 8 Coins P (6), N (0), D (0), Q (1) + $1 = $1.31

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