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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day #537 - Take Your Pick

Today was our bi-weekly Play Date with the kids. Their parents say the kids really look forward to our times together and so do we. The 4.5 hours are just not long enough!

It was 3 PM and we were getting off the freeway to pick up the kids. I had not found any coins yet today. As we were stopped on the offramp, Doc spotted a bentover penny and dove for it! (Coin #1).

We picked up the kids, then were back on the freeway. We were in the diamond lane in stop-n-go traffic. Doc spotted a penny! Definitely a Foregone one. (Coin #2).

Our first stop was San Dimas Canyon Nature Center. Non of us had been there before, so we investigated the museum inside, then wandered among the animal cages observing deer, owls, and other animals. As we were leaving Doc spotted a penny in a dirt area off the walking path. (Coin #3) It was a very unexpected area to find a coin. That man can spot a penny in the strangest places. He’d probably make a good bird watcher with all this “sighting” experience!

Next the kids wanted to go to Cal Poly Pomona for dinner. They like the cafeteria with the great variety of food and unlimited quantities. Doc and I like the convenience (no menus), the variety (Doc gets fried foods while I get salads) and price (half of a regular restaurant). Brandon was done with his meal sooner than the others and he wanted to go look at all the turtles. So he and I headed down the staircase to leave. It was funny. We both reached the check out lane and simultaneously kneeled down to look under the counter for coins. None to be found. Then (without talking) we both quickly moved to the other lane and again simultaneously bent over to look under the counter. I didn’t see anything, but Brandon emerged with a quarter! (Coin #4).

The primary objective tonight was to pick boysenberries at our house. The kids have been waiting for months for the berries to ripen. We picked four bowls full and had red fingers to prove it! We barely managed to meet their 8:30 PM curfew (We were actually one minute late).


On the way home we needed to find a coin. Although I had been present during the other coin finds, they weren’t mine! So we stopped at the grocery store. Doc spotted a penny on our way in. There were quite a number of persons in line, so I bought something as an excuse to go through the line and claim the penny! (Coin #5) Although I picked it up, the coin was still was not 100% MY find. I was walking to the van. Doc and I joke that “you can’t find a coin in the dark”. But I said, “OK Angels, there are just a few more feet until I get to the van. I am tired and want to go home. You only have a few more seconds to speak up!” And in my path was MY penny for today. (Coin #6)

Berries, Coins, Blessings … they are all just Ripe for our Picking.

Total: 6 Coins P (4), N (0), D (0), Q (1) = $0.29 + 1 foregone

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