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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day #536 - JOY Encounters

Today was just a wonderful day. At least 20 JOY encounters with various persons. And that does not include the students in my class. (Those were 24 other stories). If JOY could light up a house, our residence would be absolutely glowing tonight!

There was the lady who helped Doc with his gown for Commencement. There was the gal setting 11,000 chairs for the Commencement guests. There was another Penny Finder who came running out of her office to share a story with me. There was a student who hugged me big time for assistance with a scholarship. I was handed a wonderful gratitude letter from one parent - it had me in tears. And there was sooooo much more!


Wish there had been a video camera filming our van on the way to work this morning.

A few weeks ago Doc had spotted a coin on a freeway offramp which we normally do not take. This morning on that freeway ramp the conversation was:

Doc: “Do you think that penny could still be here?”

Tina: “Maybe”

Doc: “I think it would be on your side of the car”

Tina: “I think it would be on your side”.

Simultaneously: “It is on MY SIDE!

Doc and I each spied a coin outside our car windows. In a milli-moment we looked at the traffic signal, looked at each other, looked in our rear view mirrors, opened our respective car doors and DOVE for the coins! It was a flawless Synchronized Dive! We laughed and laughed the whole way to work. Such JOY! And his coin was a dime! (Coins #1&2)


Doc needed to go to the bookstore for his regalia fitting. He walked around the exterior of one building while I cut through the inside so that we could each hunt for coins. I emerged to see him picking a penny out of a planter bed. I met up with him and we both looked down to simultaneously spot another penny. Doc had a meeting to attend, so he quickly tried on several gowns and then left the bookstore -with me literally “holding the bag”. He spied a third penny in that planter bed as he was leaving. (Coins #3-5).


Later in the day I received a call that more gowns had arrived and there might be one providing Doc with a better fit. So back to the bookstore I went. I passed quickly through the Marketplace just for fun. Retrieved a penny at the Carl’s Jr. line and another under one of the dining tables. (Coins #6&7)


As I passed through the Student Union eating area I said, “Penny Angels, I am tired of looking down. I am going to look above the ground as I walk through here. If you want me to find a coin, it will need to be above the ground.” Within 60 seconds I found a penny on a table. “Coin #8)


I placed a Penny Card on each of my students’ tables today. “Good Luck” for them as they took their final exams. That was fun. Let’s see how many of them will visit the website and keep in touch.


This evening there was a retirement reception for my boss - a man who has given 200% to Cal Poly Pomona for the past 39 years! Wow. At the end of the function there was food remaining. I knew there were hungry studying students who would appreciate some hot food, so I just had to find a way to get this food to them. I was in the kitchen trying to invent creative ways to haul the stuff and thinking, “Why the H&&&&” am I doing this? It is ½ mile down the mountain and just how am I going to manage this?” At that moment literally 6” from my nose at eye-level were two nickels and a dime on a shelf! The answer of course was clear, “The Angels will help you”. It was a long walk, but every meatball made it safely down to the students. The food disappeared in moments. Piranha! (Coins #9-11)


We were at work until around 7:30 PM when finally we called it quits. Doc drove through KFC on the way home where he collected dinner and I collected a penny. (Coin #12)


So many good things today. Wish I could share just a fraction of the JOY that I encountered. Powerful stuff! Fuel for the soul.

Total: 12 Coins P (8), N (2), D (2), Q (0) = $0.38

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