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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day #558 - On Vacation

No appointments this morning, so we were free to sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast, work on a jigsaw puzzle, and just “hang” together with the kids.

In order to get ready for our day, Doc took his shower and then it was my turn. As I got out of the shower I noticed the toilet bowl had not refilled, so I flushed it again. This time it filled… and filled … and filled … and didn’t stop! I grabbed the dogs’ water bowl and started bailing while yelling to Doc (who was downstairs): “Doc! Bring rags and the toilet plunger but NO kids ‘cause I don’t have clothes on!” He brought the stuff and went back to the kids while I dealt with the ‘project’. (No picture attached). Funny in hindsight, but not at the time.


The kids wanted to go to Starbucks for vanilla steamers. We stopped at the gas station where we found our first penny (a very shiny 2010 shield penny). (Coin #1). Brandon also found a nice bracelet.

Doc now has the kids addicted to Starbucks just like he is! The kids and Doc each got their drinks; I found a penny. (Coin #2). We spent the next hour reading books at Borders Bookstore. Then we stopped at Subway for sandwiches to eat with the salads we already had at home. Penny #3 was on the floor there. As we walked outside, Ashley collected Penny #4.


We returned the kids mid afternoon - with anticipation of our next sleepover and adventure …

Then we went home, finished off the jigsaw puzzle and took a nap!

Total: 4 Pennies

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