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Monday, June 7, 2010

Day #535 - Caught Up

Doc suggested stopping at the Circle K store on our way to school in order to look for coins. He searched the parking lot while I went inside. Neither one of us saw any obvious coins. So I said to the Angels. “I feel as though there should be a coin in here. Please just reveal it to me”. I nudged the rubber floor mat by the cash register and moved it about 1”. Sure enough there was a penny under it!

Lesson: Sometimes the prize is not super obvious and you must take a little initiative.

Next Doc went to a Starbucks within the grocery store across the street. That store is fairly new, the floors are a crisp white linoleum, and the store is kept really clean. It is not a target-rich environment. I found a silver coin (which I assumed to be a quarter) underneath the change sorting machine. As I was walking to meet Doc, I spotted a dot in the greeting card aisle. I was not even going to bother investigating because surely a coin would not be laying there so blatantly in the middle of that white floor? I detoured the 10 ft. and collected a dime. (Coins #2&3).

Lesson: (Once again) Do Not Assume! Logic isn’t as smart as you think it is.

Listen to the nudgings.

As Doc and I left the grocery store, the tiniest little ray of sunlight reflected off something. I thought it was a water drop, but asked Doc to pause for just a moment while I walked the 15 ft. to investigate. It was a penny (Coin #4).

And that ‘quarter’? When I opened my hand to show Doc the coin, we discovered it was a Philipino Piso.

Total: 4 Coins P (2), D (1), = $0.12 US + one Philipino Piso

Note for those Engineering Penny Finders who like reviewing the data:

Doc and I finally totaled the coins found in May

308 US coins : P (226) + N (19) + D (43) + Q (19) + $1 (1) = $13.26

Plus: 2¢ Euro, 5¢ German, 1¢ Irish, 1¢ British

Plus: 1 game token of some sort, 1 CEC game token, 1 Indy bathroom token

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