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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day #547 - 1 1/2 years

Today was just a delightful day. The weather was outstanding. Our sons and their families came over and prepared Doc a wonderful Father’s Day BBQ luncheon. The house was simi-cleaned up, the pooches were fairly well behaved, our sons helped Doc with a fix-it task, and the dishes were washed before everyone left.

What a great way to Celebrate 1 ½ years of Penny Finding!


This afternoon I glanced at the “To Do List for my 1-Year leave of Absence from Work”.

Of course, building the new house is the major focus, but when I jotted down a few other things which came to mind, the list quickly included at least 100 items needing my attention.

One “To Do” task is to get the dining chair seats reupholstered (they are ‘spilling their guts’). So this afternoon I decided to get a head start on that Task List and work on the chairs. Pete, the Upholsterer is a fascinating guy. He has had so many challenges over the years. So far in just this year he has had two strokes, two heart attacks, a hernia operation, and is now living in a corner of his upholstery shop. And he was telling me how wonderful life is and how blessed he feels!

Pete was sharing with me his recent death experience and how marvelous things were on the Other Side. As we were talking, another customer, Bud, came into the shop. He had a wonderfully positive energy which projected across the room when he walked in. I wanted to hug him immediately. As those two were talking about Bud’s project, I glanced at fabric samples and spotted a copper one with circles. That, of course, led me to tell them about Penny Finders, give them each a Penny Card and tell them that today was Day 1.5 years! They didn’t know what to make of it. Next, we all walked outside - Bud to leave, Pete and I to go to my truck.

There was a Penny right in front of Bud’s truck! (Coin #1). Once again, the Penny Angels corroborated my story. It was great! Shared smiles. Pete bent down - to pick up a nail, but then spotted a penny too! Then we saw another penny, and another… It was a Penny Pickin’ Party! We were all laughing so much. I had looked in that area as I entered the shop and Pete said he had been working in the area and those pennies had not been there prior to my arrival. (Coins #2-9).

After describing the job I needed and getting a price quote, I quickly drove home to fetch the rest of my chairs. When I returned to the shop, there were five more coins scattered throughout in the alleyway by the dumpster where I parked! (Coins #10-14). Coin Mine.

I gave Pete my chair seats and then told the Penny Finding story to a lady who was in the shop. (Along with a Penny Card). When I went back outside to my truck, there was a penny by my truck tire! (Coin #15) I ran back in the shop to share with Pete and the customer.

Thought - When I give Penny Cards, it often leads to an almost-immediate Penny Find. Often it validates the Penny Finding story for someone.


This evening around 8:15 PM Doc decided he wanted to go out for the evening. “Just to have some time together”. Where could we go at that hour on a Saturday night.? We opted for Home Depot for silicone caulking followed by WalMart for paper towels and toilet cleaner. Wow! Talk about exciting.

Just before we left the house, I opened the freezer door. Guess what? Someone at this morning’s party had chilled a soda in there. The exploded contents of the can were all over the inside of the freezer. We took out and wiped down all the freezer contents, drawers, wire racks, and even had to remove the light cover because the force of the blast had soda in there as well!

We had 45 minutes of “togetherness” just as Doc had wanted!


By then it was 9 PM, but Doc still wanted to go out - I think because HE did not have a coin for today. At Home Depot we obtained the tube of caulking - and Doc found his penny. (Coin #16).

At WalMart Doc obtained his second penny as we entered the store (Coin #17). Then I found one in the notebook aisle. (Coin #18) I spotted one behind a mini-fridge (Coin #19) and was looking for an arm-extender tool. Doc came up and just moved the fridge out of my way so I could walk behind it! (My HE-man). As we were checking out (with our toilet bowl cleaner and paper towels), I spotted a penny from 27 ft. (Yes I measured it). A lady actually kicked it 2 ft. further before I could rescue it! (Coin #20). Then there was a final penny at the closed optometry area (there was only a strap barricade to restrict “average” customers from that area - certainly not Penny Finders). (Coin #21).

Thought: Life doesn’t get much better than this.

Total: 21 Pennies

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