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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day #551 - City Talk

The City (according to their rules) has to respond to Review Applications within 30 days. Since today was Day #37 and we had no response yet, Doc and I decided to go meet our Project Planner to get an update.

On the way to the City, Doc needed his Starbucks fix. I walked next door past the Carl’s Jr. drive through window to search for coins. I figured I’d better get one early since the rest of the day my mind might be focused elsewhere. Two pennies were retrieved there (Coins #1&2).


When Doc and I arrived at City Hall, the parking lot was fairly empty. We wondered if it was a holiday or something? Ample parking. As Doc stopped the car I thought, “It would be nice if we found a penny in this parking lot Before we went inside. That would be a positive sign for this meeting.” Before I opened my car door, I spotted a coin. It turned out to be a dime! Would that be 10x a good sign? (Coin #3).

We met with the Project Planner and emerged with a 6-page letter with the listing of edits and requirements. Everything from adding a Mandatory 24’ x 24’ Horse Corral to narrowing the driveway to changing the window shapes and adding more stone to the house. Much to do before we can resubmit.


Yes, the rest of the day was spent dealing with incoming stuff. Trying to get shut down at work, plan a few events, deal with renter issues, help out some friends and co-workers, etc. etc. No time to think about any more coins.

On the drive home from work Doc insisted upon stopping at a gas station - not to refuel, but to find his coins since he did not have any today. He collected 3 pennies in the self-serve car wash area.

Lesson: The squeaky wheel gets noticed.

Total: 6 Coins P (5), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.15

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