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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day #578 - Mushrooms

A morning full of calls and tasks. By mid-afternoon we’d had enough WORK and went to school to relax and enjoy the air conditioning.

Left work at 4:15 to head to the rental house. We spent some time shopping for flooring and then around 5:30 Doc said he needed “a snack”. Der Wienerschnitzel was in his line of sight. We pulled in there. We were in the drive through, but I got out to look for coins. Looked in the planter bed a dozen times. Nothing. Doc said, “There has to be a coin in there”. I replied, “I KNOW there is one here.” And suddenly there was a penny right behind me! (Coin #1). Mushroom coin.

We pulled up to the pick up window and collected two pennies there. (Coins #2&3). I gave the curious cashier a Penny Card and received a smile in return. We drove a few feet when Doc stopped the van, hopped out, and retrieved a penny. (Coin #4)


When we arrived at the condo, there was a dime in the dirt by the front door! (Coin #5).

Once inside, I was laying out flooring samples. I looked under the staircase three times to see if there were any more coins where we had found the quarter the other night by flashlight. No additional coins. I turned away, turned back and suddenly there was a penny there! (Coin #6) Mushroom coin.

We went upstairs to measure the bathroom countertop and sink (which were in the closet of bedroom #3). There was a penny in the closet door track! (Coin #7) How could we or all the other people not seen it when opening that door all the previous times? Mushroom coin.


For dinner we wanted to try something new, so we found a little Armenian diner. We were the only ones there and the owner was the host, waiter, busboy, chef, dishwasher, entertainment, etc. Nice hour. Anniversary celebration #17? Doc thinks maybe married couples should celebrate their anniversary for the number of years they are married. So 28 years means we get to celebrate 28 days this year!

When we arrived home the dogs seemed unusually thirsty. We went to the garage to check their water bowl. A shelf had collapsed with boxes and contents strewn all about. The dogs’ bowl was covered over and they must have thought the sky was falling! New weekend fix-it project.

Total: 7 Coins P (6), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.16

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