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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day #580 - Special Deliveries

The first major task this morning was to transport some very heavy concrete slabs from our house to my mom’s house. It took both Doc and I to lift each into a wheelbarrow, then into the truck. After that exertion, Doc needed a coffee fix. We pulled through Starbucks en route to Mom’s house. The cashier at this store had said I was not permitted to collect coins there. So I remained buckled in even though we saw a coin. As we departed the Starbucks area there was a dime in the roadway. Doc laughed. “I guess if the Penny Angels want you to have a coin, they’ll make sure you have it!” (Coin #1). Special Delivery.

When we arrived at Mom’s place, Doc and I put on our work gloves, unstrapped the wheelbarrow and were preparing to unload the concrete slabs. Mom lives in a seniors only complex. At that moment, a young guy came walking by with his uncle who was in a walker. With the lad’s bizarre hairdo and attire, if I had been alone and seen him, I would have been quite nervous and uncomfortable. Wish I had a photo for you. He approached us and said, “Let me assist you with those.” He hand carried the heavy slabs to Mom’s back yard! No gloves, no wheelbarrow, no sweat! Special Delivery. I gave Paul a Penny Card and thanked him for his ARK.

Lesson: Do not make assumptions about people based on their looks!


The afternoon was spent at the rental condo getting bids from painters, taking out wall vents, etc.

On the way home, we stopped to pick up my Penny Pendent which was getting a polishing. Doc went next door to the 99¢ store and saw a penny at the end of the check out lane beyond the two customers ahead of him. The customer in front of Doc moved forward to stand on the penny. When he left, Doc bent to retrieve the penny and also found a dime. Then outside as he was walking to the van, there was a crusty planter penny. (Coins #2-4)


This evening Doc wanted to go out for dinner, but we had already been out for lunch (Hawaiian BBQ Anniversary Celebration #??) and I refused to go out with him. I wanted to get some things summarized from Today’s meetings and get ready for tomorrow’s tasks. Doc headed out alone.

Doc walked the high school parking lot for some steps on his pedometer. He spotted something shiny in front of the van. A penny, then another, and another at the North end of the lot. (Coins #5-7). Then a nickel in the driving lane. (Coin #8).

Doc’s next stop was the grocery store where he collected a dime by the coffee station. (Coin #9)


At 10 PM I had just finished the first draft of today’s Penny Tale to this point. I had no ideas for today’s Title. Then the doorbell rang…

Doc realized that we had not confirmed our Saturday morning Chevy work session with our son, Brian. We were hesitant to call him at this late hour, but we did. Doc was on the phone telling Brian that the ordered car parts had not yet arrived. At that very moment, the doorbell rang! It was the UPS guy with our car parts. At 10 PM??? Special Delivery Service.

Total: 9 Coins P (5), N (1), D (3), Q (0) = 40¢

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